Affiliate Marketing versus MLM

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If you are putting together strategies to increase your profits online or to create an online business, you probably have heard of the affiliate marketing and MLM tactics that are implemented in business models to increase income.

Affiliate marketing is based on performance, where a business rewards its affiliates for each client that has been recommended to make a sale of a product or service through digital promotional maneuvers.

In other words, affiliate marketing is carried out at the moment you promote third-party products or services, and with this, you make profits instantly when the service or product provider makes a sale. These promotions are made through links.

Affiliate Marketing versus MLM

For its part, multilevel marketing or MLM is based on direct sales. Companies that apply this type of model offer a business opportunity through direct marketing in exchange for an initial investment.

In a few words, this means that if you go for MLM, which is perhaps the most basic business model, you will be in a kind of franchise with a more prominent company. While if you decide to affiliate marketing through advertising strategies, you will promote third-party products or services to obtain passive profits.

In this post, we will clearly show you each of the aspects that are handled in these business models, as well as their pros and cons, for you to draw your conclusions about which model fits your needs and expectations.

Affiliate marketing, what aspects you should know

This is an online marketing strategy that has been having a lot of impact and popularity today, as it is implemented by online and blog site owners. Income generation is done by promoting and advertising vendor products or services on the website or blog.

With this alliance between providers and affiliates, there is a win-win relationship. Where the affiliate’s goal is to promote the products or services through advertisements or links placed on their website. While the provider of this product or service pays a commission to the affiliate for the advertising made.

Pros of the Affiliate Marketing

  • The suppliers of products or services that make these alliances online obtain an advertising space to promote themselves. Payments for this promotion are made when for approved results, that is, commission for sale, commission per click, or shipping.
  • In the case of affiliates, these serve as a platform for the promotion of products or services. Therefore they are not concerned with handling the sale, customer service, or shipping of the products.
  • Advertisers get more exposure and recognition online. You reach a broad audience with this type of promotion, which helps you to create your popular image online.
  • Being an online business, you do not have to recruit. Your customers or audience are there for the content of your page and the solutions you can provide to them. So, through these links or advertisements, they give the audience a valuable opportunity to acquire products or businesses that are of interest.
  • As an affiliate, you have the freedom to choose what type of product or service you want to promote on your website or blog. No products that are misleading or low quality, you will only offer your audience what you consider best for them.
  • The economic investment required to start implementing this type of business model is relatively low.
  • Advertising strategies and work goals you set as an affiliate will not depend on anyone else; you are the only in charge of making the crucial decisions.

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Cons of the Affiliate Marketing

  • Misleading advertising on the affiliate’s website may affect the reputation of the service or product provider.
  • On some occasions, affiliates run the risk of not being paid the commission to promote the products, so it is recommended to establish with the supplier from the beginning how the working relationship is going to be.
  • If the supplier does not manage a good cash relation, he may suffer unexpected expenses for payment of commissions.
  • Some affiliate programs offer high commission rates that, after completing the sales process, the commission obtained is not the one expected by the affiliate.
  • Due to the rise of the popularity of this type of marketing online, the number of scams by people who by affiliate links steal profits has increased unreasonably.
  • Commission earnings are not high. The commission rates received will depend on the supplier of the product or services with which the alliance was made.

Multilevel Marketing (MLM)

Being an entrepreneur is perhaps the goal of many people nowadays. However, for achieving this goal, you must have both the money and the time to start this type of business model.

A business that manages MLM strategies is based on the formation of a network of independent distributors, where the generation of income is through the sale of products or services.

This model is based on two primary practices. The first is the sale of products directly to consumers or customers. Second is the creation of a network of distributors. For each product that is sold, the company earns a commission and also receives commissions for the sale of the recruited distributors.

Pros of the MLM

  • It represents a proven business model. The uncertainty of the operation of this type of business is almost nil.
  • The income generated with this type of business model is continuously rising. Not only do you receive profit from direct sales, but you also receive a commission on purchases made by recruited distributors.
  • The brands of products or services offer trainings at a little cost.
  • You have independence during work hours, and you can operate wherever you want.

Cons of the MLM

  • You must have sales skills. To achieve sales goals, you must manage or train specific sales tactics that will allow you to achieve excellence in this field; that is why it requires a lot of practice.
  • You will have to have time availability. Although, indeed, working hours are not managed traditionally, you must dedicate time to the business to increase sales.
  • You must have a high degree of motivation and tolerance of failure. This process is neither fast nor easy. You must do a lot of your part to reach the established goals.
  • The network of distributors that are managed must have a high degree of commitment, discipline, and perseverance to achieve the established sales objectives.

MLM teamwork strategies

Who best fits the affiliate marketing model?

Affiliate marketing is best suited to people seeking freedom and flexibility to run a business. Those who want to get the most out of the internet and do not want to recruit other people to start the business.

This business model is for those who want to have a business where they do not have to depend directly on a company or firm. If your main goal is to create quality content, videos, post, publications that attract attention, then affiliate marketing is your best option to generate income.

Who best adapts the MLM?

MLM works best for those people who like the idea of networking with people and building a business from teamwork. If you are passionate about attending events, going to presentations, recruiting people, and representing established brands, this is the option that is best tailored to your interests.

The sellers of these successful networks are those who know how to motivate people and spread the dream of entrepreneurship.

Final Conclusions

Both affiliate marketing and MLM are proven business models for many people and, in many instances, which allow the average person to create a business that will enable them some financial independence. The success of either of these two models will depend on the effort and perseverance you have to run a business.

If you are looking for some online businesses where the key is the promotion and advertising of third party products or services, obtaining commissions for each sale made, affiliate marketing is the best option that you can find.

But, if you are looking to undertake through contact with people, make direct sales and formwork teams to meet business goals in the future, then the MLM model without a doubt is the best path that you can choose.

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The model you choose has its advantages and disadvantages as in any type of business. You will decide which one suits your interests and which market you want to enter.

Achieving victory will depend on your cunning, creativity, commitment, and discipline to carry out either direct product sales through dealer networks or create quality content to promote through online links.

Choosing the best model will depend on you taking into account the market, type of audience, investment capacity, and knowledge of the tactics or marketing strategies of each model. These are the main factors you have to be related with for your decision to be made. And at the end, that personal decision of the business model must be following your goals and aspirations as an entrepreneur.


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