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Fan Page Robot Review

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The Fan Page Robot is a tool to automate your social media accounts. It helps you to manage your pages/profiles, find content to post on social media, keep a check on progress, and help you to grow the audience. Except for a few clicks, it is a fully automated program; saves your time and energy.

As social media is becoming popular, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon of business presence on social media besides their websites. And honestly, it is a necessity. But just being on social media isn’t enough by any means.

Everyone can sign-up for free on these accounts, but the actual thing is how you utilize these forums and manage your account. If you are not driving your business pages on social media properly, you are just wasting time and effort.

The pages who are successful in engaging the traffic on their fan/official pages it turns out to be the game-changer for their businesses. The Fan Page Robot is designed as the tool which will make it happen. Not only will it help your page to get recognition among people on the internet, but also manage your social media accounts on multiple forums and boost your business.

Reasons to join the fan page robot

Fan Page Robot Review

If you are a serious marketer and want to benefit from social media without any extra efforts, the Fan Page Robot is a must-have. If you are still confused about it, here are the highlights of its key features for you:

Automated management of pages

Updating business pages on social media platforms and Google My Business consumes a significant portion of marketing efforts. Good news! FPR will save all of this time. It is an automated program that is smart enough to manage up to 10 social media account on its own. Little interaction and directions at the beginning, and that’s it. After that, it will work on its own as your social media manager.

Viral content discovery

Fan Page Robot continuously keeps bringing the content on the table which people are looking for. It analyzes the trends and content on various sources, i.e., Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, and Google. For your keywords, whenever there is a new trend, images, videos, or even written content, you are instantly notified.

And it doesn’t end here. Content is generated for it and immediately sent into your inbox. You can make a post on your official pages directly from the inbox with one click. You can also customize your search by giving directions to the fan page robot to analyze specific websites or specific pages content.

Discovering trending and viral keywords is a peachy aspect of this website. It analyzes the people searching for data on Google and highlights the most searched keywords by people in the hour before you do your search. This is the core reason behind a guarantee that Fan page robot highlighted keywords are going to work.


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Viral content creation

Viral content is your trustworthy source of driving organic traffic towards your page. One of the critical features of the Fan Page Robot is making the viral content for your pages based upon the trending topics across the internet. This software is capable of generating the content for almost all types of keywords.

Find the best hashtags

Hashtags make it easy for social media users to find their desired content. Several types of research show that posts with hashtags have almost double engagements than posts without hashtags. Making your business relevant hashtags the part of your marketing strategy can build the right brand image among customers. This sounds like a no big deal but using the proper hashtags is the actual thing.

The Fan Page Robot is smart enough to generate new as well as to find existing hashtags relevant to the post you are going to make. It analyzes the content of posts and media in it and adds hashtags as per that. This process is surprisingly quick and takes a few seconds only. It makes posts more effective and more discoverable.

An analytical report for your related niche hashtags is also provided. Just a few commands, and you can see the popularity of hashtag among people, its average views, favorited posts with that hashtag on Facebook/Twitter, and the number of times they are shared.

Automated posting – Calendar View

Fan Page Robot will save your hours that you spend on your social media for manual posting. You can post on your accounts on a regular and scheduled basis. The Fan Page Robot calendar works just like Google Calendar. In this calendar, you can view the post in a cue in a calendar view.

For auto-posting, go to the in-app auto-poster tool and schedule the posts. Not only this, with content search, it will automatically run the checks to find the content as per your keywords and automatically post it on your preferred time of the day. With a Fan Page Robot, the best time to post on your social media is auto determine as per your niche and traffic trends.

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Research competitors

This is a new function of the Fan Page Robot. Using this, anyone can discover its competitors in their niche or the people who are using similar keywords. Once you know who your competitor is, you can find out their marketing strategy by observing their profiles. Also, 90% of the time, the trend in the niche is whatever the top pages are posting about.

Fan Page Robot can effectively find out competitors’ campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Sales and leads

When you start using a fan page robot, you will see an instant rise in the revenue. The mechanism is simple when contact is attractive, more traffic is directed towards the page, and more leads are generated. These leads are potential customers—more the number of leads, more sales.

FPR will increase your followers, and there are customers in these followers.

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Unlimited pages

If you are a professional social media manager who is managing pages of different clients, this peachy software still got you covered. You can manage unlimited pages, groups, and accounts by purchasing an unlimited plan. Not only for your client’s website, but it will also help you to boost your revenue; you can manage pages of more clients and earn more while delivering professional-level performance to everyone.

Automated video marketing

Numerous research results show that search engines automatically upgrade the ranking factor for a post with videos as the majority of traffic is more attracted to the posts with videos. This type of content has more sharing chances than the content with only pictures or without any media.

Posting videos will bring and engage in more traffic. Good. But what about finding relevant videos for your keywords and niche? Manually finding and posting videos takes a lot of time. With one click, the Fan Page Robot can save videos from different social media pages, websites, et cetera. The quality of these videos is maintained and posted on Facebook with the highest quality possible.

One drawback of this feature is that you can only post videos on Facebook. It would be better if this feature works with more social media platforms.

Monetization of your content

Just like all other features, this one is also automated. This feature is named as ‘go to Rock.ly campaign.’ If you want to use this feature, with a single click, the links, webpages, and YouTube videos are converted into advertising pages or lead pages. There is no other social media management software that offers this feature.

Advertising and lead generation usually cost money, but the Fan Page Robot makes it free once you purchase it. You can place ads on YouTube and numerous other platforms. Leads and sales generated by these ads are many times than the actual price of this software. The cost you have to pay to get is a kind of investment –a wise investment.


You can get content in almost all popular languages in the world. The supported languages are Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Spanish, and Swedish.

To have a better idea on how the Fan Page Robot works, I am inviting you to watch their demo from their YouTube channel Automated Social Media Marketing at Fan Page Robot:

How does the Fan Page Robot works?

Honestly, this software works more with ‘self-help’ instead of continuous user input. In the beginning, you have to give some commands, and after that, most of the operations are automated.

To start with it, you have to connect your social media accounts with the Fan Page Robot, which you want to manage. In the next step, it will generate the viral content as per the niche of your fan page. All you have to is to feed in the keywords you are using for your niche. Once you see your desired results, save the search results to the content mixer. Holding it in the content mixer will post this content on your page and find similar content in the future.

From the content mixer, you can choose which content you want to be posted on which social media platform. From there, you can enable auto-post with one click. With auto-post, the content is generated and assigned automatically without your active monitoring. Beside auto-posting, posts can be scheduled. You can see all these posts in a calendar view.

Paid plans for Fan Page Robot


There are two versions of the Fan Page Robot available: free and paid. You have to pay nothing for the free version, but it comes with minimal features.

In pro plans, users can access all features, and new features are regularly added in the software without any additional cost. This software is straightforward to use, yet with paid plans, you can get the assistance of the technical team 24/7/365. There are two types of paid plans.

  • Pro Plan: available for only $9-$14.95 USD/month. It will manage 4 Facebook and 36 other social media pages.
  • Unlimited plan: as name shows, it will manage unlimited pages for you on any ten social media platforms. You can get it for $25-$39 USD per month.

There is 30 days no question asked money-back guarantee for paid plans.


There is not a single strong reason to not recommend the Fan Page Robot, so why not give it a try today!

All the functions with constant updates and the frequently new added features make it well worth it!

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