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HelloWoofy social media tool

Social media marketing is a whole new way of business strategy to reach prospects and customers.

Many users nowadays use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, and the best way to interact with them is the join them.

Although the old-fashioned way of marketing still clicks but social media marketing already outrun it.

Social media marketing paved the way for going to modernization as they use content and share it with all social media networks.

Through this technique, you can achieve your marketing and branding goals. You can compete with other brands as you consistently engage in your audience’s social media sites.

You keep them posted with your content, videos, and other updates that they will always look for it.

HelloWoofy Review

The benefits that you will get when you adhere to this trend of promoting your brand on social media platforms, moreover, can help you achieve several goals, such as increase website traffic and improve your presence in the internet world.

As they say, the bigger, the better. Social media is an important source of traffic on every website. If you involve your business in this platform, you can gather more audiences, and it is easier for you to achieve your desired goals.

We have done this HelloWoofy review to provide you with the necessary tools, tips, and training in starting social media marketing and improve your business’s social presence.

You can only realize these things once you tap a social media marketing scheduler and begin to see changes in your business.

What is Woofy?

It is a social media marketing platform that combines the power of artificial intelligence, voice technology, and compliance engines, which aims to help business owners in process automation and achieve digital marketing best results.

This social media marketing platform offers the experience of being in control of multiple social media accounts to its users.

Woofy dashboard

Perhaps the unique capability of it is its built-in voice assist. Through HelloWoofy, users can start and introduce new marketing campaigns by speaking.

This social media marketing tool can also function as a single platform for all your business social media accounts, which makes it innovative and user-friendly, particularly for small- and medium-sized businesses.

It also attempts to offer the full capabilities of artificial intelligence. By employing its “smart” functions, it can make content and scheduling suggestions based on the patterns and resources it recognizes.

Lastly, the team behind this social media marketing platform is also working on integrating augmented reality as a way to visualize campaigns and data analytics.

How does it work?

The woofy platform aims to create a seamless, smarter, and innovative social media marketing experience while maximizing efficiencies.

Creators of HelloWoofy want to help small businesses and professionals compete in a digital world by eliminating time-wasting grunt work so they can spend more time doing what they do best.

Woofy associates like a puppy that goes with you whatever you do. This social media tool teaches you what and when to post content through powerful technology driven by artificial intelligence marketing and a robust compliance engine, unlike any other in the market.

This platform works smarter to save you time + teaches you savvy social media management tricks to stay ahead.

HelloWoofy Features:

Just like any other social media marketing platform, Woofy has unique features that it can offer to its clients. These are all-in-one dashboard, compliance engine powered library, voice assists technology, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

Also, team collaboration functions and color-blind support is provided. The features above were the highlights of Woofy. Let us further discuss the details of its features.

Exceptional Campaign Scheduling and Management

Beyond content suggestions, it takes a step further with its ability to recognize patterns.

Woofy’s ability takes the grunt work generally associated with campaign scheduling and management. It converts it to a secure and direct process of setting up campaigns, whether single or long-term, within seconds and a few clicks.

You can easily create content by uploading images or spreadsheets with multiple posts and sort into customizable categories.

Woofy campaign scheduler

With the platform, you click to add content via RSS feeds or import with URLs and watch Woofy’s artificial intelligence get down to business, creating content including quotes while recommending best trending hashtags to use.

Woofy’s encrypted intelligence on the software works automatically, ensuring that your content complies and prevents inadvertent spam from being posted.

One decisive factor of Woofy is that it declines content, not in compliance with the standard, and recommends changes to make it usable.

Select social media accounts, choose the time, select content from the library and voila, content created.

Versatile Team Collaboration Functions

You must understand that social media marketing campaigns are often operated and monitored by teams.

It offers flexible team collaboration functions that make setting permissions, receiving feedback from customers, and other collaborative efforts. Woofy’s feature lets you add colleagues or clients to your campaigns based on your business needs.

You have the full control to set roles for admin, editing, managing, or viewing campaigns. You only need to assign user access to specific calendars or parts of the platform and get the feedback you need to keep projects moving seamlessly.

Innate Voice Assist Technology

This technology ties all these benefits together by making it easy for the user to start, monitor, and schedule campaigns by merely speaking.

Colorblind friendly designed color pallet

Woofy knows that some of the smartest marketers are colorblind, so they designed it with that in mind.

Woofy’s intelligent dashboard is built with easy to identify the color design that features patterns on buttons and graphics for users to distinguish differences easily.

Woofy uses a simple color-coded functional dashboard that offers everything you need to manage your social media marketing all in one place easily.

It gives you all the advantages since you can plan, track, and invite your team to collaborate. No need to worry because this platform stays you on top of campaigns with timeline or calendar views.

It supports Instagram Posting (download app), Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, Linked In Profiles, Linked In Groups, Linked In Pages, and Twitter.

Built-in High-Quality Content Creation

It facilitates your content strategy so you can spend more time doing other essential things.

You may consider it as a personalized automated content creating an experience, driven by a sophisticated, intuitive algorithm, data science, and machine learning process.

With this in mind, you can scan articles and generate engaging social media posts from it, simulating a real human writer.

You only need to hover and click over suggested words or sentences.

Fast generated smart word and standard templates

You love tools that complete your sentences or words, but what if we could leverage data science and provide powerful suggestions right at your fingertips?

Well, that’s exactly what this platform does. In a typical routinary activity, whether you’re typing a post, pasting a URL, or adding an image, this software analyzes in real-time millions of data points to pinpoint the perfect word or phrase to suggest.

Stunning Graphics very quick

It’s no problem whenever you don’t have a graphic designer. With Crello and Designbold integrations in the platform, everyone will think you do.

You can create impressive graphics for your social media with the aid of the tools and customizable templates available in this software.

Image recognition

Woofy Artificial Intelligence (AI) can pick up on brands as well as specific objects within a photograph and creative assets, including text.

Meaning, it gives you a quick and easy task to create social posts that are relevant and contextual.

Woofy Plans and Pricing

Woofy offers its clients two options for subscription: free and monthly subscription. There is only one paid plan, and the discounts depend if you subscribe on a monthly, semi-annual, or yearly basis.

Let’s discuss this further:


Woofy gives their prospective clients free access to their software.

The users can add and access: 3 social accounts, a compliance engine powered library, voice-powered campaign launcher, autocomplete posts with words, emojis, hashtags, and more.

Satisfaction guaranteed and discover section for optimizing trending content.

Moreover, this software gave you the privilege to drag and drop campaign management, 1000 posts in library storage, voice-controlled dashboard, colorblind support, analytics, and hashtag lists.

HelloWoofy price


It is a woofy plan that is a paid subscription. The users pay $49 per month to maintain access to this platform.

The users can add and access: 25 social accounts, compliance engine powered library, voice-powered campaign launcher, autocomplete posts with words, emojis, hashtags, and more, 30-day money-back guarantee and discover section for optimizing trending content.

Moreover, this software gave you the privilege to drag and drop campaign management, unlimited library storage, voice-controlled dashboard, colorblind support, analytics, hashtag lists, and nine team member.

You can avail of a discounted option when subscribing to a semi-annual and annual plan. The fees are: for semi-annual, $44.10 per month, and for annual, $41.65 per month.

Why choose HelloWoofy?

Woofy was awarded last 2019 of being the Rising Star and Premium Usability, awarded by Finance Online. Meaning this software is very reliable to meet your necessary work daily.

You need to bear in mind that businesses have specific business-related wants. It is rational they steer clear of purchasing a one-size-fits-all, or shall we say the best software solution.

Although it is possible, it is hard to try to stumble on such a software system even among well-known software solutions.

It is suggested that you should take time to spell out the various significant aspects which require scrutiny such as critical features, costing, skill levels of the employees, business size, etc.

After that, you should perform the research systematically.

How to be an affiliate of HelloWoofy?

Woofy is on a mission to supporting EVERY business owners around the world when it comes to social media marketing and management.

If you would like to partner with Woofy’s mission by promoting the platform to your audience, then you should take these steps and earn a commission by doing so.

In promoting HelloWoofy, you simply go to their website and run it through the generator on your dashboard to attach your unique token to the end of the URL.

Every time a customer visits the site and has clicked on the URL with the token attached, our system will automatically register the purchase and provide you with a commission.

You can also use the Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising of Woofy to be posted on your social media accounts and send it to your friends.

If the system detected that it was through your link that they subscribed to Woofy’s social media services, then you will be given a 30% commission on every sale.

Woofy will pay you after 37 days from when the order was placed. It will be delivered to you either PayPal or MasterCard.


Without a doubt, HelloWoofy is one of the best social media marketing platforms that you should try to venture into your social media accounts.

They have integrated the latest technology to make it easy for you to explore and manage your accounts.

They have thought out the side of every client what are the fundamentals that they would offer to make it easier for the users.

A straightforward example of it is using simple color pallets that will aid some of the business owners on the internet, whenever they have difficulty in recognizing colors and captions.

They could easily remember it and follow through. All in all, if you are looking for the best buddy for your daily works, consider HelloWoofy as your pal in building social media presence.

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