How to do keyword research for content marketing

keyword research tool

If you ever wonder how to do keyword research for content marketing, then you are in the right place. We put together a pack of tips and tools to use to make it easy for you – so keep reading on.

Writing quality and attractive content is not a piece of cake. The writers regularly hassle to deliver excellent and unique content to the users, and a lot of practice, experience, and time are needed.

But the problem that every writer or marketing person faces is that “how to deliver the content to the right audience?” There is limitless content nowadays on the internet, and the writer and user don’t always get the right material. Several methods or tools are used for this purpose to optimize the content to the right audience, and one of them is the keyword research.

How to do keyword research for content marketing

We’ll start with a short definition of what keyword research means. For example, if we run an SEO company and want to get traffic, then our website must help me on no.1 in google ranking, i.e., whenever a user searches for the “best SEO” or just SEO, he must see your website on the first page.

So, keyword research plays an important role in modifying your content so that the interested and mutual audience can have access to it easily. Some of the best keyword research tools out here are Jaaxy, Google keyword planner, Soovle, SECockipt, etc.

Content Marketing

It is one of the most decent businesses in the online world. The writer or the owner earns a significant amount of money along with respect, but not only having a good writing skill are enough when you are targeting audience online. You will need several strategies and tools to deliver your content to the right audience.

keyword research

For example, if you are writing cooking recipes, only the people who are interested in cooking or are searching for relevant recipes should visit your website. Now we’ll discuss some of the steps essential for successful content marketing.

  • Choose the right keyword tool:

Choosing the right tool for overall optimization effects a lot in monetizing your keywords. As described earlier, there are numerous keywords out there, and you have to choose wisely. I was using Jaaxy for quite a few years and had a great experience due to some of its unique features and built-in tools.

  • Research about your audience:

Well, you should be quite aware that what keywords your audience or interested people specifically write in the search engines. Knowing this, and optimizing your content according to those keywords will have a significant and instant effect on your revenue.

  • Effective use of your keyword tool:

Keywords research tools have several features that help you to select the right keywords. Referring to Jaaxy, after you enter a certain keyword in, it will tell the worth of that keyword, how many times it is being searched in that particular month, and how easy or difficult it is to bring that keyword no.1 in the google rankings. If you know these facts, it will be quite easy for you to choose the right keyword for your content.

  • Keep an eye on your competitors:

Affiliate marketing is all about challenges and competition. If you have stepped into this market, make sure to notice what type of keywords your competitors are using and how they are working for them. You can find numerous software for this purpose on google.

To be successful in content affiliate marketing, the two essential things are choosing the right affiliate and the keyword research tool. I am using Wealthy Affiliate right from the start, and it had been a good experience. So now, I will give a short intro about both of them.

Each tool out here has its pros and con, so after reading, you will have a better idea of which to select.


Jaaxy is one of the unique tools for keyword research in the market. The price plans are quite low and suit most of the affiliates out there. Some of its main features include: finding suitable niches, searching relevant, unique or hidden keywords, showing modern or update to date trends, estimating income from any respective niche or calculating how much traffic will visit your website with the current situation.

Some of its other features include:

  • No download needed:

Jaaxy is an online tool, and no download is needed to use it, i.e., users can use it online.

  • Friendly and easy interface:

Jaaxy has quite simple, and easy to use interface and tools which anyone can learn instantly.

  • Ultra-fast speed:

The software has lightning speed.

We often describe Wealthy Affiliate as one of the best websites for affiliate marketing in several articles. Other than having several built-in tools, Jaaxy is also a part of wealthy affiliate and is integrated into it. Now, you can easily start a successful business using wealthy affiliate and consuming all of its resources and features.

keyword research tool

The best thing about Jaaxy is, it was specially built for the affiliate marketers by the Wealthy Affiliate staff. A few years ago, Wealthy Affiliate had its keyword research tool but is now replaced Jaaxy. Besides, Jaaxy has some delight offers for Wealthy Affiliate members. For example, the “Jaaxy Lite” membership is free for Wealthy Affiliate members.

Moreover, other Jaaxy subscriptions are also heavily discounted for Wealthy Affiliate members. The best part is while using Wealthy Affiliate. You don’t have to open another tab or subscribe to other keyword research tools. You will get all under one roof.

Final Remarks

Wealthy Affiliate is not only bounded to content marketing but can also be helpful in other niches. Whether you are a blogger, article writer, own an online store, you can earn a handsome amount of income. Last but not least, do research a lot before commencing an online business.

You should be quite aware of what you are doing or investing in, and make sure to maintain the quality.


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