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It was customary way back many years ago to gauge how successful keyword rankings determine your SEO campaigns.

One primary goal for every website is to increase ranking so that people who would search out on the internet would easily click and go to your site.

That is the idea of having good SEO, and you dominate a specific keyword that makes you on the top of the list when the potential visitor does the searching.

As time goes by, the conventional way of getting ranking isn’t working anymore. Nowadays, personalized search and other efforts put into Google, hoping to improve relevancy in search results, make a little progress because everyone does not see the same results.

It is significant to know that search results depend on geographical location, search history logs, the site frequently visited, and other factors.

That’s why you may notice that with all efforts being poured out and resources were nearly exhausted just to attain the goal to be on the top of the list in the search results, there’s a little improvement and worst, no improvement at all.

Admittedly, these factors are critical to consider if you belong to bloggers and marketers who cultivate their efforts and are hoping to reap a harvest on a long term basis.

These entities are spending lots of money on tools to monitor their keyword rankings, but they need to be confronted with the reality.

This is that no matter how many dollars they spend on tracking their ranks, if they use tools that aren’t one hundred percent accurate, then all efforts don’t make sense at all.

You need to be aware that you need tools that track your website efficiently and effectively. If you are one of the people who would love to venture on using software that would help you track your rank precisely, then you’ve landed into the perfect page to get all that you need.

What is Wincher Rank Tracker?

Are you looking for a perfect rank tracking tool? Wincher is the best solution for you. Wincher is a tool used mostly by bloggers and marketers to track keyword ranking.

This software helps you monitor your performance, presence and ranking in search engines. It helps you monitor an up-to-date report because it collects data daily.

It is very effective since you can monitor the present ranking of your site and make abrupt changes to keep you on top.

Wincher is the developer of Wincher Rank Tracker to optimize your website’s keyword rank in the Google search engine.

It gives you the benefit of tracking down your competitor sites, updated PDF reports, graphical ranking history, and informs you of the ups and downs of your site performance.

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A glimpse of its features includes access to an unlimited number of keywords, search engines for mobile iOS and Android devices, reports from competitors up to 5 entities, graphical ranking history, automatic or manual reports (CSV/PDF), social media ranking success sharing on Facebook, Twitter or mail, etc.

Get the best from Wincher Rank Tracker

Wincher Rank Tracker checks what position for a particular keyword is your website ranked in Google.

It continually checks every single day to update you with the current information and monitor your position in a presentable way, such as graphs and other reports media.

Wincher Rank Tracker comes with a dashboard to set up your domain site. It has a simplistic design and an understandable user interface. You need to follow the steps to get it started.

First, you need to log in to your WordPress dashboard and install the Wincher plugin.

Second, you have to activate the plugin. Once done, you can access the Wincher tab near the top.

Third, you can begin to set-up your website by filling out your name, email address, and some keywords to start monitoring your rank and monitor reports from competitors as well.

Fourth, once you have finished inputting your details, you are good to go. Wincher will collect data and give reports to you with 24 hours.

Wincher keyword tracker

You will receive daily ranking trends that help you what actions you should take. For free accounts, you can receive reports every week.

Lastly, you can be updated by your rankings by clicking the refresh button on the Wincher plugin page. It is a one-time set-up that works throughout a specified period.

Wincher Rank Tracker Features:

This software has a unique feature to offer on its clients. Let us discuss every detail of it, read furthermore below.

Scalable Keyword Rankings – It is well built for both big and small businesses. It is internally built to scale your business site.

Through Wincher, you can comfortably organize and customize your dashboard based on your needs. Wincher dashboard can be customized either detailed or compact view.

This dashboard view gives you relevant key data, which includes traffic volume, the number of keywords tracking, and the number of competitors tracked.

Moreover, you can also get a glance at your average ranking position and changes in your position, depending on the keyword usage.

You can track multiple websites on your dashboard and allows you to read relevant SEO data to timely adjust, assess, and optimize your SEO efforts.

Useful Keyword Research – Wincher doesn’t only track your rank, but it gives you keyword research.

This software has utterly integrated keyword research on its rank tracker to optimize its usability and relevance to the users.

wincher keyword research

This gives you the statistical data regarding the search volume, estimated traffic volume, and cost-per-click results.

One of its best features is that it suggests keywords you can use to improve your ranking better.

You can easily navigate the suggested keywords and pick the most interesting ones to add to your daily rank tracking.

Effortless Competitor Tracking – It is the right way of tracking your performance by comparing the results to others.

You must have information on your competitors to give a hint on which part you must improve. You must maintain a close competition with your competitions.

wincher competitor research

Gladly, this software allows you to keep track of your competitor’s portfolio with no extra cost.

Timely PDF Ranking Reports – Wincher’s built-in reporting system allows you to keep notified promptly.

Some software may gather details every week, but with Wincher, they give you a daily report to better track your website progress.

You can customize the reporting system based on when and how it must be presented. You can pick the frequency of the report, and what are the details included in this report.

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Multiple Website Rank Tracker – Wincher is not solely limited for individual bloggers or marketers for tracking a few websites, but it can also apply to track various sites.

We have discussed earlier the two types of dashboard view; one of them is the compact view. The compact dashboard view allows you to have a bird’s eye view on a large number of websites.

You can sort it by group or categorize it to see it in a proper perspective better.

Two-way Tracking (Desktop and Mobile phone devices) – Wincher rank trackers keeps you updated on the keyword positions on your market, as they have a wide range of application over 80 localities and more languages.

By checking your rankings daily, they dig in into more detailed reporting on a specific market you are in by giving you an option to specific location and language.

Mobile phones are way more convenient to use rather than desktop in terms of portability.

Therefore, it is an important consideration to have accurate position data concerning mobile internet users.

Websites must be customized that it will appear suitable even on a mobile phone. Thus, it is an added challenge for every business owner to personalize it in a way more attractive to users.

Responsive Technical Support – Wincher incorporates with their offered services responsive customer support.

This support is very vital, especially when you are working on a particular software for the first time.

You’ve got some queries what’s the next step to do or did you run the software properly. Responsive customer service is what a client needs to ease the learning and exploring process.

Gladly, whenever you contact their support team, they would efficiently respond. Just in the case of an expired trial account, you might want to bargain another trial period to test their software if it fits your business needs.

For sure, they will respond to your request aptly and will be willingly granted your favor.

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Wincher Rank Tracker Pricing

It is a routine procedure that, in every service, there is an exchange of price to pay. But most internet services allow a free version for clients to explore the features of the software.

Wincher allows the potential clients to avail of the free version to explore their software and see if it would work with their website.

The free version of Wincher allows you to track one domain and five keywords. This free plan allows you to test the plugin and website features free of charge.

Although free version has limitations on the services that you’ll be testing but mind you, this offer you should not miss, especially when you are just starting your business.

The free plan gives you Wincher update regarding your Google rank weekly, and access reports on search engine results page changes in a graphical form of ascending and descending figures, which indicate whether your content earned or lost its position in Google.

Also, the free version of Wincher lets you manually search to Google and check your position daily, since, on this version, the software doest display ranking paths for the five keywords, you monitor.

You’ll be limited to some actions, but this version gives you an overview of what you will be expecting this software to do on your business website.

It gives you time to experiment with the software without paying a single penny. Of course, if you think this software can make a significant improvement on your website, then you might want to consider the upgrade version of Wincher.

The upgrade version of Wincher rank tracker grants you the whole package of Wincher tools, updates, and reports daily. The Wincher version price is in the Euro currency.

If you decide to subscribe to their paid plans, you will pay an initial €6 per domain per month. If you are working on multiple domains, you can add cost per domain for €3 per month.

In one paid domain, it includes one hundred keywords to monitor, and if you exceed, you’ll be charged for another €3 for added 100 keywords.

wincher pricing

Thus, you can add as many domains as you can as long as it suits your budget and needs.

In this paid plan, it allows you to customize actions such as keyword grouping and bulk keyword import on the Wincher dashboard.

You can access the features mentioned above such as scalable keyword rankings, keyword research, competitor tracking timely PDF ranking reports, multiple website rank tracker, two-way tracking (Desktop and Mobile phone devices).


  • Good headstart for bloggers and marketers
  • User-friend and Timesaver
  • Great price for excellent service
  • Highly recommended to peers


  • Needs improvement on the user interface


Wincher Rank Tracker is a very inexpensive solution for rank monitoring. This software is applicable even on small teams and solo webmasters who want to see a significant change in their SEO without spending a lot of fortune.

wincher keyword track

It is a straightforward and comfortable experience working on-site using the plugin. Also, it is considered as most convenient to work with since it can be immediately installed to WordPress.

After that, you open the Wincher dashboard, fill-out the details and voila, you will be updated every 24 hours.

With excellent technical support, you can never go wrong as they guide you step by step so that you’ll attain maximum results.

Wincher support responds immediately to address your concern. It is, therefore, a powerful keyword rank tracker for content teams, even single bloggers in assessing performance progress and quality tool to work with.

If you are not familiar with this tool, then you might want to give it a try.

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