How to grow Email Marketing List

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To successfully launch your business model and achieve the sales objectives you manage, you must find all the necessary strategies to have your mailing list growing more and more every day. When you incorporate a new contact into your mailing list, you are opening direct communication channels so that this becomes a potential customer.

When you send an email message to another person, you can create a direct communication bridge with them. This is to offer products, content, or services to satisfy their needs or interests.

How to grow Email Marketing List

The mailing list is the direct access to reach those people who are interested either in your content, products, or services. Expanding the network of contacts is an essential factor for promoting yourself.

If you get to have a good size contact list of people you know they have a particular interest in what you promote, every email you send will be a link to a possible sale.

To raise your contact list, you must pay attention to three measures. First, the traffic of each asset that represents the separation of each piece that you may have in a direct conversation to the mailing list. If you don’t have traffic, then you can’t have a conversation.

As a second measure, the conversation is always a key element. It is not about the number you have, but the quality. Last but not least, subscribers per campaign. With the study of these measures, you will be able to know a little more thoroughly the behavior of the users.

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Enhance the use of email

Now we will show you some tips to make your email list grow as high as the sky:

Attractive content for the email

The content that you put into your email must be of quality and interest to your subscribers, with the intention that they can share it with their coworkers, friends, and family. These people will become potential new contacts to your email list, and this will be possible thanks to the high-level content.

Encourage your contacts to share content and forward emails

One way to make your contacts share the content you offer by email easily and quickly is to add buttons to share on social networks: the famous switch to send to a friend.

With this initiative, you will get access to new contacts that you can add to your email list. Another option is to include in the final part of the email, a call that encourages them to subscribe. This should be a simple and straightforward link so that those who receive the forwarded emails can also subscribe.

Handle different types of subscriptions

By operating relevant content in a segmented way, you can guarantee that it is of interest to your contacts. The recipients of these segmented emails, knowing that the content is of importance to them, tend to share and forward it more easily.

If you have several types of subscriptions with precise objectives, the possibilities of including more contacts to your list are increased.

New and fresh content

The novelty and creativity in the content you can share will be the most powerful weapon you can have:

Build a new offer

By presenting new and creative content, you will keep the attention and interest of your visitors. Technical articles oriented to the needs of your clients or audience will encourage that if you add a section where their email is requested, they can share it.

Create tools or records online for free

Through free online registrations you can obtain the emails of the visitors or tools that provide you with a solution to a specific problem they may have. This way, you will gain the confidence of visitors to be part of your contact list by providing creative and easily accessible alternatives.

Take full advantage of the social networks

Social networks are the perfect way to advertise and promote your content, products, or services. Some tips for social networks to facilitate the growth of your contact list are as follows:

  • Build a campaign on Twitter to promote a free online resource that you manage by asking users for their email address to access this tool.
  • Through Facebook you can promote creative offers where the sending of the email is required. You can do these promotions chronologically, so remember to add a button to share the landing page on social networks.
  • Professional social networks like LinkedIn are perfect for posting links to the offers you can provide.
  • Get the most out of YouTube. Having your channel on this network will allow visitors to see your content, product, or service promotions as well as creative initiatives that will enable you to get their emails.

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Create contact options on your website

On your website, you can position offers that require registrations that include the email request. These offers must be quickly accessible on the site.

Don’t make visitors waste time looking for ways to sign up or make contact, select strategic sites on the website to place these types of offers.

When you write content for your blog, include some action call so that readers can subscribe directly through their email.

Join forces

With a partner or supplier, you can carry out promotions on their website. This way, you will have the option of reaching a new audience, which can be included in your contact list through their email.

Organize marketing promotions in cooperation with a partner, so that both will have more business opportunities. This will allow you and your partner or supplier an interaction between your and his/her costumers and the businesses that you both offer.

Advertising by making links and contacts

An alternative that you can manage is to collect the email addresses of participants of offline events, in this case, trade fairs and product launches, where you can have the opportunity of promoting yourself.

You should make sure to send a welcome email to these types of contacts and to confirm their registration voluntarily. This needs to be done so that the data that was collected goes to your database.

Another way is to make your events such as meetings or conferences to share with the audience content of interest solutions to different problems as well as product promotions. Through these events, you can obtain the email addresses of the participants.

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Welcome email

Maybe you think about how a welcome email can help you grow your contact list. Natural response, this email becomes a channel of communication with customers or the audience from an individual approach.

You can implement the welcome emails in the following way:

  • Give the subscriber a chance to decide how often they want to receive the emails. In this way, they will not feel saturated with so much information.
  • Give your subscribers the option to decide the type of content they want to receive by email.

Reference the privacy policies

To create trustful links with the contacts on your list, you need to indicate that their data will not be shared. With this necessary clarification, you can prevent your emails from being classified as spam.

It is recommended to make it clear that your data will be in the database and will not be disclosed.

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Final recommendations

To grow your contact list, the basis is that you share quality content by mail that is of interest, and that presents the audience with alternatives or solutions to their needs.

By ensuring the content is of quality, you will get more views and increased traffic. This translates to increased opportunities to add new contacts to your email list.

On your website, you must place calls for action to register subscribers in visible places quickly. Use social networks as communication bridges to share your promotions and allow the registration of possible contacts.

Make the best use of marketing platforms, like MailChimp.

Offering promotions, discounts, free online tools to visitors is an excellent option for these visitors to become new contacts on your mailing list.

Sending emails allows you to market your products or services directly. It constitutes the construction of long-lasting and trustworthy relationships with your contacts, which makes it possible for your good reputation for growing, and in this way, the possibility of having more and more connections.

Growing the email list is not going to be an easy and quick task, but it becomes a way to generate more sales or increase traffic to your website or blog. You need to be constant with this project to achieve a higher audience. Use these tips according to your business objectives, interest, and the needs of the audience you want to reach.

Maintain transparency with clients, inform them of each process you carry out, and in this way, your contact list will rise to another level. Like that, your business will reach to a more professional and successful level, and with this, the opportunities for your business will be numerous.


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