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Moreniche Affiliate Review

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Health, beauty, wellness, and fitness. If you are interested in any of these categories, a startling opportunity of earning money is waiting for you.

Moreniche is an affiliate network built around these four categories. All you have to do is become their marketer, produce results, and double payouts are there for you as compared to your efforts.

Keeping ever-changing trends in mind, now people are attracted to fitness and wellness more than ever. These industries are burgeoning with every passing day.

There is a vast market for health and wellness all over the world. Moreniche will help you to make maximum profit by promoting products of your choice. Let’s explore different aspects of this network one by one.

Why Moreniche?

More niche is the leading network among all other health and wellbeing affiliate networks with better payouts than all others. Here are some salient features which make it better than others.


No one in the industry offers more commission than Moreniche. The minimum commission is 30%, and it goes up to straight 80%.

Usually, all the marketers are getting 40%-50% per sale! And the website itself supports affiliate marketers to make this money.

There are no hidden or twisted terms and conditions. Chargeback protection, consultants, on-going campaign optimization strategies, real-time performance stats are provided free of cost.

All these directly help you to boost up your stats.

Moreniche affiliate commissions

Free profit-making resources:

There are many profit-making resources available for everyone on the Moreniche. No premium is demanded to access these at any stage.

For starters, there are 25 affiliate guides. These are all about profit generation and maximization. There are many website templates available.

These are to create personal web hosting mediums. With all this, you can get a vast amount of articles. Just rewrite these and submit these on article sites to generate traffic.

You can also post these in article directories to maximize your potential customer reach.

Free sign-up:

Unlike usual affiliate networks, it is free. You don’t have to pay a premium at any stage to access some features. Anyone from anywhere is welcome to utilize their skills and make money through Moreniche.

Not only sign-up is free. As mentioned prior, there are plenty of startup guides and tools provided that will help you to learn it all how to make money.

Learning with earning:

If you are a beginner in affiliate marketing and have no idea how to promote, Moreniche has got your back. On this, there is a lot for you to learn.

After signing-up, you can find out a lot of money-making techniques. These techniques are updated from time to time as per market trends.

With all this, 20 marketing PDF guides are provided to each member. This guide will help you:

  • Starting and managing the personal website
  • Learning basics, dos, and don’ts of affiliate marketing
  • Building suitable content for your website
  • Maximizing traffic

Promote the products of top-notch brands:

Many leading brands from the health, wellness, and beauty industry are present on the Moreniche as vendors. These are proven brands with popularity among customers.

Working with Moreniche, you get to sell products of these brands. Sales of these are higher than other products because of their pre-existing popularity. Fewer efforts, more commission!

Moreniche features

Lifetime cookies:

The majority of the product offers on Moreniche come with lifetime cookies. Believe us when we tell you this is the best feature you can get as a marketer from any affiliate website.

This is how it’ll work for you: as a result of your marketing, a person clicked on the website and left. Now, if he returns to the website even days after days or months and makes a purchase, you’re still getting your commission.

Even if you aren’t working actively for some time, the chances are high that you still keep getting your money because of lifetime cookies.

Bi-weekly payments

Whatever you will make through Moreniche, you can withdraw it after 14 days. Unlike other networks, it doesn’t hold your earnings for a month.

These payments are dealt in most significant currencies and send all across the world using several mediums (details in ‘payments information’ section)

Payments Guarantee

Is there any other affiliate website offering the marketers a payment guarantee? I think not. On Moreniche, every payment is guaranteed.

Once you make a sale, you will get your commission no matter what. Even if a merchant leaves the network without paying pending commissions, Moreniche will pay you your commission from its pocket.

Also, you don’t have to worry about refunds and cancellations. With Moreniche, in case the merchant has to refund after a successful sale, it won’t affect the commission you got.

Get your affiliate mentor

When you join the network, with all e-material i.e., PDF, you get a personal mentor too. This mentor will personally teach you all about affiliate marketing and Moreniche.

Getting all this that too for free is huge!

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Affiliate support teams

Moreniche is supporting its affiliate every way possible! Super-responsive support teams are available 24/7.

No matter how long you are on the network, you can always access these teams to resolve your issues and answer your queries.

You can chat them directly, e-mail them, access them through the Moreniche forum, or skype them. Each affiliate team member has an individual skype.

Get approved instantly

You do not have to spend days waiting for the response or approval after signing up.

Once you sign-up, a Moreniche affiliate manager will instantly contact you for an interview, and you can start working immediately once you go through this easy interview.

Payments Information

All payments are sent to marketers every 14 days. But know that there is a minimum limit to reach to withdraw your amount. You must reach $100/ €100 / £50 to receive a payout.

The payment options are used worldwide, such as Skrill, Payoneer, Wire, Paxum, UK bank transfer, and Bitcoin too.

Products categories

More niche features products from the following niches

  • Weight loss
  • Fitness
  • Bodybuilding
  • Skincare
  • Nootropics
  • Beauty
  • Sleep aid.

How to Join Moreniche?

Anyone can go directly to the Moreniche website and register. After registration, each applicant’s application is reviewed, and a small interview is conducted.

This interview is all about assessing your experience and promotional strategies you have in your mind.

Once your application is approved, the Moreniche team will provide you the required tools, resources, and advise you with the right support.

For your further ease, here is a step by step process to sign-up:

  1. On the home page of Moreniche, click on sign-up
  2. A new tab will open. Enter all the required details. It includes name, e-mail address, address, phone number, and country et cetera.
  3. Read terms and conditions. Clicking agrees will submit your application.
  4. A new screen will appear informing you that system is creating your account.
  5. On this screen, further information is asked. Make sure you answer all these questions carefully. Affiliate managers will assess your application based on these answers. Usually, these questions are:
  • What are you looking for to promote?
  • What is your website link?
  • Which strategies do you use to drive traffic on your website?

The next step is scheduling a meeting with the Moreniche affiliate team. Check your emails after creating an account to pick the schedule for this meeting.

You can select a time-zone which suits you the best. Even before the meeting, now you can access the Moreniche affiliate dashboard.

The interview is conducted via Zoom online. In this one-on-one call, the affiliate manager will ask you several questions i.e., what kind of products you want to promote and how you will promote.

It is advised to go through the Moreniche website to have an idea about its products.

Once you are successful in this interview, you will receive an e-mail. You can instantly start earning after that.

Is Moreniche A Scam?

Not. Moreniche is a legit company working in this industry for more than 20 years. They are paying around a million dollars each month to their marketers as their commissions.

This print screen is from 12.08.2020 – top affiliates earnings:

Commissions earned by affiliates

The problem arises when inexperienced people, when they try to promote products, usually there are no results in the beginning. This makes them build a narrative that Moreniche is a scam.

Also, these people do earn a little but couldn’t reach the minimum limit of withdrawal. Again, they think that it is a scam.

There is no reality behind these rumors. It’s just affiliate marketing requires a little patience before you get cash in your hands!

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