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Onlinejobs.ph recruiting site review

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If you are planning to outsource hardworking virtual assistants at a little cost, Onlinejobs.ph is the best available option. It is the biggest online database with Filipino workers ready for hire.

Not only all the data is valid, but it is also the best outsourcing medium as it allows you direct access to many people who are highly qualified as well as the best fit for your job.

Let’s cover different aspects of Onlinejobs.ph i.e., why it is the best option to outsource, all the benefits you can enjoy, and, most importantly, how to hire from Onlinejobs.ph.

Onlinejobs.ph  review

Virtual workers can be found anywhere in the world, but some aspects of Filipino’s make them unique. Cultural values i.e., punctuality, technical know-how, and proficient English, make Filipinos the preferable choice as virtual workers.

As working for foreign employers is a viral trend in their country, there are also training centers across their land to educate people with professional skills. Working with these people, you don’t have to spend a fortune to recruit, hire, and train the perfect candidate to do the job.

Filipino workers are in demand worldwide for the past few decades. They are usually well-qualified, hard-working, and available at low rates as compared to the labor force from other countries. More than 2.5 million people from this country are working with foreign employers because their local employers offer meager salaries.

Filipino are seeking employers who can pay them better than their local businesses. Many foreigners are looking to access the best of these employees, and this opened an opportunity for another business. An internet entrepreneur John Jonas founded a Filipino hiring website Onlinejobs.ph in 2007. Today, after 13 years, it is leading an online site in its domain.

Why Onlinejobs.ph?

As per stats available on the official website, Onlinejobs.ph has the largest database of Filipino virtual workers. There are more than 1,000,000+ existing profiles, and the new 55,393 Filipinos join the site each month.

Not only this company provides jobs and help foreigners to help outsource the best labor force but also help them to increase business efficiency. Several innovative strategies are taught to business owners how about hiring a suitable candidate per job from their pool of profiles and decrease cost by delegating labor to the Philippines.

Several customized techniques and tools are also used by this network to successfully hire, train, and manage Filipino virtual assistants and other workers.

Virtual workers job board

Onlinejobs.ph will provide independent workers

This network works as a bridge between Filipino workers and foreign employers. Every worker you come across on the site is an individual worker. The way individuals register themselves on any social media site, the same way they register on Onlinejobs.ph.

People can post their résumés, and employers can post jobs. Interviewing, hiring, and paying the workers can be done directly between both parties.

There is no such policy from the website to bound employers in any way. Employees and employers are free to decide their terms between them. After signing-up, during the hiring process, you don’t have to pay any kind of charges. Communicate with, hire, and pay workers directly.

It’s totally up to the employer how he wants his employee to work i.e., a full-time job, part-time, hourly wages, or salary.

How to hire employees on Onlinejobs.ph?

By paying as little as $350 per month, you can hire a full-time professional virtual assistant. And this hiring process is also straightforward. No consecutive payments of premiums, no terms and conditions from the site, and no time-taking and complicated steps. Following the easy steps and tips given below, one can easily hire a Filipino worker who fits perfectly with the job description.

Step 01: Posting the job

Before posting the job, proactively search resumes related to the job description of your task. As all members on the site post their resumes, the chances are high that you can find your desired person without posting the job. In the search bar, type the skills you’re looking for, and Onlinejobs.ph will display all resumes with those skills.

In case you want workers to approach you directly and apply for the job, and then you will select from the talent pool, then post a job. Try to be clear about your job description for effective results in a short time.

For example, posting a job with the title “looking for SEO expert” won’t be as effective as posting “looking for an SEO expert with at least three years experience in the budget of $250-350$/month”.

Salaries example at OnlineJobs.ph

Step 2: Find the perfect candidate

Once you post the job, potential employees will start contacting you. If you want the best results, don’t just sit back and wait for people to apply and drop their resumes. Search for the top candidates from that domain. Contact them and encourage them to apply. More resumes, more chances of making the best choice.

While you are collecting applications, in the meantime, set some criteria to filter-out people. For example, if you are looking for a virtual assistant to do content writing, think topics on which candidates will write samples as their test.

Assess performance based on that sample. If you like that, before making any decision go through their detailed information. Do not rely on their profiles only. Ask for background information such as Facebook profile, national ID, skill descriptions, higher score, and validity that candidate has. A high score ensures an excellent candidate to some extent, but it does adequately filter out some bad candidates.

Do ask about personal information on your own, but do not ignore already existing customer’s reviews on their profiles. Those reviews are usually posted after completion of the job. These can be a perfect source to find red flags in your candidate, if any.

After profile shortlists, conduct interviews. You can conduct it the way which is feasible for you and your candidate, but we would recommend you interview on the Skype video call. This way, you can know more accurately about their communication skills, internet connectivity, professionalism, and enthusiasm towards the job.

Step 03: Management:

Once you find the perfect fit, offer him/her the job. Negotiate about every possible point, such as salary, work hours, and your expectations. Be clear about everything and decide clear terms and conditions with mutual consent. It will eradicate the chances of any future conflict.

Once things are good between two, just tell them when to start working!!!

Hiring is not that easy, but management is one more difficult step than the previous two. Don’t worry, Onlinejobs.ph covers you with this too!!

Payment: You can quickly pay your worker through Easypay. No need to do extra sign-up or subscribe to any other package as Easypay is a built-in feature. This payment medium is offered, but it’s your choice if you use it or not.

Once an employee is working with you, it’s in your account to choose a medium of payment i.e., Paypal or Worldremit or Transferwise. There is also not any obligation to pay before your virtual assistant starts working.

You also do not have to follow any maximum or minimum limit. Rates between employers and employees are as independent as payment methods.

Working hours: you don’t have to worry if your employee is working or not. Work hours are managed through a built-in feature of Timeproof.

Timeproof application

Payment plans:

Hiring Filipino workers through recruitment agencies is one very costly process. These agencies charge you hefty fees. The employees you can find on this site are equivalent to the people from agencies, yet the amount you have to pay Onlinejobs.ph is nothing as compared to the cost of that.

When hiring through agencies, the employer also has to pay several taxes. Online jobs will eliminate this cost too. Also, you don’t even need to maintain your subscription to once you’ve hired a worker, so subscription fees are a one-time payment.

OnlineJobs.ph has two pricing plans, Pro and Premium.  With both, you have to make monthly payments. But you don’t need to worry about paying monthly charges at all. Once you find an employee for you, you can instantly cancel the subscription, and nothing will be charged from you after that.


It costs $69/month. If you sign-up for this program, you contact 75 applicants monthly, which are usually enough to find the person you are looking for. The site provides no background checks with this.


For premium subscription, the price is $99/month. It enables you to contact 500 applicants per month. Background checks are provided for every candidate.

About charging Onlinejobs.ph says that: “if we let employers contact workers without paying, they start to get scammy then workers respond the same way, and turns into a cesspool of scams. Plus, it’s how we make money and how we stay in business.”

Without paying for pro or premium, you can still use this site (you won’t be able to hire or connect to anyone). With free mode, you can look at full profiles and post a job before paying. With the job post, you’ll get to see all the job applications so you can see if people are interested in your position and if they have excellent skills.

But if you want to communicate and proceed further, you have to pay.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

If you do not like the services of Onlinejobs.ph or you don’t get desire results, you can claim your subscription fee back, and you will get a 100% refund. But chances of dis-satisfaction are almost nil because of quality services!

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Top employers:

Some of the employers on this site are among the world’s big corporations. These corporations include:

  • Unilever
  • Google
  • Uber
  • Canva
  • Speedo, and many more.

Businesses working with OnlineJobs.ph


We couldn’t find anywhere else a better recruitment site for online activities. With Onlinejobs.ph, you’ll find the perfect balance between quality and price.

We wish you success with your business, and we are here to answer if you have any questions. Good luck!

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