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Social Sale Rep Review

Social sale rep

Social Sale Rep is a platform that trains people on how to make money online and connect product vendors and affiliate marketers.

No doubt that competition in markets today is the way never witnessed before the world. But with this competition, a lot of new money earning ways also emerged.

Most fascinating among all these ways are earning from home. Work on your terms, in your way, and as per your ease.

It does sound great, and it is, but it can be a mess for amateurs and people with the wrong strategy.

Either it will only be a waste of time/effort, or they would have to do months of experiences to sort out how things work and start earning.

Now imagine it the other way. You sign-up on a network, and it provides you training about affiliate marketing, how to efficiently make money online, and ideas/tricks to do it better.

With that, the network also connects you with vendors looking for people to promote their products.

Well, that network is Social Sale Rep.

Social media assistants

How does Social Sale Rep work?

Two mechanisms are going on within this one program – training and working as a mediator between vendors and affiliate marketers.

Social Sale Rep developers say that many people are making money using their desktops, mobiles, and tablets from home.

Why can’t it be you? They claim to provide all the necessary training and tools to start earning from home within days.

The focus of the training is to teach people who they can use social media platforms to do affiliate marketing, which bears the results for real.

The tool they provide all the users is a software called “Viral Multiplayer Technology” (VMT).

VMT software lets you spread your social media posts more efficiently and help you to boost up the traffic.

On the other hand, as it is an affiliate program, the activity you have to perform to earn is to market the third party’s product in the traffic you generated.

Upon each sale or lead as a result of your promotion, you will get your commission. The officials of the network claim that by placing their products on their website, suppliers can enhance their products all across the globe.

As a marketer, you can have training in affiliate marketing and tools to do it so that you can make money from the comfort of your home.

A win-win situation for both marketers and suppliers.

How to begin with it

You can get your hands on the software directly from the official website. Go to the website. You can see a pretty visible option of signing-up.

The disappointing thing is that you have to pay the premium of $27 if you want to just sign-up.

Also, before signing up, make sure that you are registered on ClickBank, and you have their affiliate ID.

Here is the step by step guide:

  1. Sign-up for ClickBank and register your user ID as an affiliate marketer.
  2. Sign-up on Social Sales Rep.
  3. Go to their dashboard.
  4. On the dashboard, you will find an option for the marketplace. Click on that.
  5. In the marketplace, you will see numerous amount of niches and products under those niches available for promotion. Select one or more niches or products you want to promote. If you already have traffic, carefully choose the products you wish to promote as per the taste of your traffic.
  6. Soon after selecting the product, you will receive an eBook from Social Sale Rep. This book has all the affiliate links embedded with it. You are supposed to promote the eBook on your social media platforms. As this book comes with affiliate links, your traffic will be able to download the same by just clicking on it.
  7. From the products in the eBook, if anyone will click the link to purchase the product, your commission will be deposited in your account.

Keeping it simple, it is a four steps process.

Make a ClickBank account, choose a product to promote, market products on your social media accounts, create your report, and get paid upon each sale.

You can make as much as 75% commission each sale for some products. Commissions are directly transferred to marketers’ accounts from vendors’ accounts as soon as there is a sale.

Once you sign-up after paying the premium, you can instantly or after some time, come across an update. It is named as Video Rebrander.

Video Rebrander: it is a tool owned by Social Sale Rep. It is a tool that will create free videos for each product you want to promote.

This tool keeps a check on your activity on the network. Whatever product or niche you choose, it will automatically generate a video.

These videos are ready to be posted on any social media or website for your affiliate marketing. If you want to access this network, you have to pay an additional premium of $37.

Purchasing this tool is entirely optional, unlike the signing-up fee you have to pay.

No customer reviews are available on the internet about this feature, but honestly, we won’t recommend you paying a single dollar for this feature.

There are several video-making apps available that can assist you in video making for free.

But in case you are a total beginner and don’t know much about video marketing and video making, you can give it a try by paying a one-time premium.

Is Social Sale Rep a scam?

Unfortunately, the internet has become the heaven of scammers. People pay for sign-up for many networks like a social sales rep, and in the end, they reap nothing.

Social Sale Rep is a legit network. It does have a few cons, but people are earning because of this network.

If it is legit, then why are there rumors about it being a scam? There are several reasons behind it. Firstly, affiliate marketing requires patience.

New people in this field start expecting profits instantly, but this isn’t the actual case. You must have to invest efforts and time first to get an income after a while.

Secondly, affiliate marketing is all about traffic. If you already have an audience, you can start earning, but in the contrasting case, you first have to generate traffic and grab the attention of the audience.

Then promote your products, from which if they make a purchase, you get your commission.

Beginners get disappointed in the very first phase. Mostly these two are reasons behind the rumors about Social Sale Rep being a scammy network.


The best thing about this network is training. Even if this network doesn’t work for you, what’s the harm in learning about affiliate marketing in just 27$.

It is a massive industry nowadays.

Instead of doing self-experiencing and figuring on your own what it is about and how it works, you can learn to promote the products of the third party and make a commission in days.

Another great thing about this network is that most of their training and affiliate programs promote the products on social media.

Every person with a laptop, smartphone, or desktop is using one to multiple social media platforms.

What can be better than taking the time on social media productive and earning instead of wasting it in scrolling?

With other things, you won’t ever find any upsells or hidden charges on Social Sale Rep.

Once you pay the premium of 27 dollars, they won’t ask you for any money again i.e., pay this amount to access more features, et cetera.


One of the biggest turn-offs we found about the program is the lack of transparency.

One cannot have an insight into the program and its content until or unless they pay the signing-up premium.

Many other affiliate programs won’t cost you a single penny for pieces of training, and anyone can see the content of those programs no matter if they sign-up or not.

Secondly, Social Sale Rep will provide you training, which will help you in affiliate marketing in general but still, it is not enough to make a fortune from this platform.

Unless you are an expert affiliate marketer with good traffic, you will face a callous time.

Thirdly, we searched a lot about it, but we couldn’t find their customer support.

Fourthly, there are few misleading claims made by the website. For example, on the home page, you will find their ‘hiring’ advertisement.

When you process, they get information like name, email address, how much time you can work, but as soon as you sign up, 27$ are claimed.

Being a ClickBank product, it is legit, but this practice isn’t right at all.

Also, the claims which Social Sale Rep make that these things you can gain from their websites are too much for a one-time payment of 27 dollars, giving an impression of being a fishy network.

Keeping it short, one cannot depend on Social Sale Rep for full time earning. Though, there is no harm in making income part-time by paying just 27 dollars as premium.

Pricing and guarantee

To sign-up with this network, you have to pay a 27$ USD subscription fee.

It is disappointing that no free trails et cetera are provided before, but on the other hand, the good thing is it comes with a money-back guarantee.

You can claim back your money within 60 days of signing up.


If you already have an audience, this network is for you.

In case you are a total beginner, you might learn from it how affiliate marketing works and how you can become part of it and earn some income, but in general, this network is not for beginners.

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