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What is Jaaxy keyword research tool for?

WA and Jaaxy research tool

If you want to survive in this digitized world, then you have to get the best keyword tool. For me getting Jaaxy was a smart move as it is the best tool I have come across so far. It helped me push far ahead of the competition by targeting just the right keywords for search engine optimization, and this is what is Jaaxy keyword research tool for.

In this review, I will justify why Jaaxy is one of the best tools in this field. It will turn your business into a money-making machine by highlighting all the golden keywords for you. In this extensive review, which will cover every detail, you will get to know everything about this extraordinary tool.

We will walk through the features, users, pros, cons, support, and training and verdict of this tool. So read along to learn more:



What is Jaaxy?

It is an online keyword finder that takes your online business to a whole new level as it reduces the efforts to search for traffic attracting keywords. Be it writing an appealing blog or generating traffic for your website or product Jaaxy can help you with all.

Jaaxy keyword research tool

It makes use of three main search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo, by collecting data from them and presenting them more naturally for you so that you can comprehend it easily.

It presents it in a niche pursuing fashion, which is more beneficial for commercial users than other tools. Not only provides info on keywords but also gives users highly useful data on competitors and market trends.

Remember, it doesn’t provide you with keywords on a plate; it just makes searching for them more effective and efficient.

Reasons for having Jaaxy

Jaaxy is very beneficial and here are some of the many causes of why you should make it a part of your kit:

  • It helps reveal unexploited niches which can generate high traffic
  • Discovers low competition keywords which lead to more natural attainment of instant rankings
  • Shows how competitive a keyword is
  • Shows the expected traffic generation capability of a chosen keyword and also the rank of a particular keyword
  • It lets users Brainstorm new keyword ideas and niches
  • Gives users an option to build to-do lists for their projects
  • It unveils keyword metrics which boosts users SEO endeavors
  • It allows saving of keyword lists and even their organization by topic
  • Enables users to decide whether they should select a specific niche or not
  • It will enable search and purchase of new domain names which can be flipped later
  • Shows users the most trending content on the web right now so that they can follow the same niche and become popular
  • It lets users automatically benefit from Google’s Instant Alphabet Soup technique.
  • Discover affiliate programs for their keywords and niche.
  • Helps users to figure out whether a particular niche is profitable or not
  • Shows site rankings and posts rankings.

Keyword Research Tool

The pros of Jaaxy

Jaaxy has many advantages when compared to other similar tools, which makes it more powerful. Its plethora of features, together with its excellent performance, justifies its popularity. Let me enumerate some of its pros::

  • It doesn’t require any previous learning curve or experience as it is straightforward to use
  • It has an extremely user-friendly interface
  • The speed is Lightning fast
  • The results it produces are super accurate
  • Provides relevant info by filtering away all the useless stuff that distract users
  • It is operated online which means this application can be used from anywhere through any kind of computer
  • It can also be used via smartphones and tablets as it is mobile friendly
  • No download or software installation
  • The cost is too low as there is no software acquisition and users just have to pay according to their Jaaxy’s pricing plans
  • There are regular upgrades so that users always get the latest stable version and new features without having to wait all year long
  • It does wonders to online advertising campaigns as it helps users find amazing keyword which is beneficial when using advertising platforms like AdWords
  • Discovery of keywords with high traffic and low competition
  • It sources data directly from Bing, Google, and Yahoo then amalgamates it with Jaaxy’s proprietary data
  • There is a powerful hub of servers which support it from the back and result in efficient calculation within seconds
  • It provides excellent training material which enables faster learning
  • The support provided is also quick and reliable
  • All levels of online marketers, including domain flippers and internet business people, can utilize it.
  • It carries out Continuous development as it introduces new features so that users remain up to date.

Jaaxy alphabet soup

The Cons of Jaaxy

Every tool has some lacking, and Jaaxy is also prone to it. As technology continually changes, it is hard for these tools to remain up to date, which opens up room for improvement. The good thing is that Jaaxy manufactures are continuously working towards innovation and development.

  • There is no option to select and differentiate between global and local searches (which is essential in many situations)
  • The language option to be chosen by the searcher is not available.
  • It can be expensive for starters as the lowest pricing doesn’t reflect them accurately.
  • People who have just started internet marketing will find it inconvenient.
  • Some of the features are not very useful, and you won’t require them.

Search analysis

Users who can benefit from Jaaxy

Jaaxy is great for anyone. From beginner to professionals, everyone can benefit from it. Be it for online business expertise or traffic generation. It comes in handy at all levels. Here is a list of people who can make use of this fantastic tool:

  • Article and blog marketers
  • Niche pursuers
  • Freelancers
  • Professional bloggers
  • Site flippers
  • Online advertisers
  • Pay per click advertisers
  • Domain flippers
  • YouTube marketers
  • Businesses which want to get info about their competitors and market
  • SEO companies
  • Viral-news website owners
  • People are searching for new trends to leverage.
  • Local businesses
  • Internet marketers who want to know whether their sites and post ranking on SERPs are high
  • Local marketers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Marketers who use email and wish to find hot topics for discussion with their subscriber

Referring program

Founders of Jaaxy keyword research tool

Jaaxy keyword research tool was founded by the same people who have created the Wealthy Affiliate UniversityCarson and Kyle. They both have a long experience with internet marketing, and that is why they were able to successfully create this online business tool. It is not only powerful but it is also easy to use and quality-drive.

You can fully trust the creators to come up with top features, as they have been in the market for a long time. They make it the best keyword research tool to attract free organic traffic for both blogs and websites.

Jaaxy’s Support and Training

When it comes to Kyle and Carson, they have given Jaaxy the fastest and most reliable support team. They are always ready to answer user’s queries in a useful and timely fashion. They treat you politely and kindly and acknowledge your every need.

When it comes to training, these guys know the game and are famous due to their efficient and Effective Training Academy. So uses can expect top-notch training along with helpful videos that offer quality information in a user-friendly way.

Summing it up, for me, Jaaxy is the best experience so far. I had no issues with it, and it fulfilled my needs beautifully and took my business to a whole new level. I hope you’ll enjoy the Jaaxy and the perks of being a top keyword research tool.


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  1. Great information. I currently use Jaaxy and I find it very useful for my online business. You mentioned a couple features that I have not explored yet, so thanks for that.
    I did not know that Carson and Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate founded Jaaxy! I am a member at WA…learn something new everyday!
    Thanks for the very informative article. I would recommend both Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate University to anyone just starting out in the online business world. I have learned so many things since becoming a member.
    Take good care and have an awesome day!

  2. Hi

    Great post, I currently use Jaxxy myself through WA and it has been a little gem to use. Brilliant information in this post and great information about the pro and cons of the program.

    Although not many cons which I can agree.

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