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What is Onlinejobs.PH and why to use it?

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Most of the people are living in a corporate world. It is a regular cycle of life when an individual finishes its studies and earn his/her degree. The next stage is to apply for a job and lands typically in a corporate work environment. People enjoy having a job; that’s where they get their bread and butter.

A particular individual may have a job and have been working with an excellent company for the longest time. Great pay, great people, great environment, excellent facilities, high work ethics, great benefits, great privileges to sum it all a great opportunity indeed that a person can ever have.

Because whether we like it or not, the sense of worth sometimes equated to the type of job you are working, the respect that you gain may significantly affect how much do you earn monthly. The feeling of satisfaction may be determined by how a person has gone so far from what he/she was before.

Hence, bearing all these considerations in mind, an employee keeps himself/herself motivated, enthusiastic, goal-driven, and striving to be excellent in all he/she does. So as not only to maintain the position but to be promoted or be elevated into the next high position. Thus an employee’s career path is progressing.

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A day to day lifestyle of going to work doing the same stuff, same job, same routine, same equipment, working with the same environment and people, mastery and excellence can be achieved. Ability in handling the day to day tasks, communicating to different personnel, addressing issues and concerns, troubleshooting, and many more that an employee may encounter.

Since mastery can be achieved due to working the same task or routine for an extended period, a worker may think working the same job and submitting the same excellent output at home instead of working at the office.

Truthfully, the problems of every employee working in an office is that: they will spend time and allot money for transportation, they will shop and take time to think of what to wear for the day, they will take time to buy and cook food and bring it with them to the office, and many more.

We all know that there are three essential resources an employee has; these are energy, skill, and time. Hence, these resources were already exhausted right before an employee gets to the office, which is bad news on both parties: employee and employer.

Bad news on the side of employees because he/she has to endure the same exhausting process over and over again for the period of his/her stay in the company. And bad news at the same time on the side of the employer since they’ll be receiving output below the maximum capacity of an employee.

But wait, there is Good news for everyone!

Employees now have an option to work from home through online platforms, which offers jobs for everyone that suits their skill set. We say jobs since there is a massive demand of workforce online that were disintegrated into different kinds of job positions which an individual employee can apply depending on their specialization and the service they can offer best to the employers hiring.

Although there is numerous platform available in the internet world offerings jobs online, but for this review, we will tackle correctly about OnlineJobs.ph which is now a prominent online platform that allows employers to hire workers from the Philippines. Filipinos (Citizens of the Philippines) are known internationally for their work ethics and quality of work.


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Are you interested in this topic? Read the further details below.


OnlineJobs.ph is a legitimate online work platform for employers abroad who wish to employ the workforce from the Philippines. At first, when you see the website and its domain name “.ph,” you may have the impression that this site may be founded and owned by a Filipino. But actually, it’s not. The website was founded and owned by an entrepreneur from Utah USA, namely Mr. John Jonas.

This online job platform started when Mr. Jonas hired a Filipino worker in late January 2006. The Filipino employee was hired full-time, since then, they had given him the task, that Filipino guy consistently provided the best accomplishments despite his limited knowledge and experience.

Then a thought came to Mr. Jonas mind of how Filipinos are hardworking and dedicated to doing their jobs excellently. It had significantly leaped change in Mr. Jonas’ company, and their clients were looking for another Filipino worker who would help them with their projects. Right then, Mr. Jonas and his team decide to create an online platform that focuses mainly on hiring Filipinos.

This website focuses mainly on hiring Filipino workers not only in the USA but anywhere in the world. Meaning the target for this website is to gather Filipinos regardless of professional or not professional, as long as they have the skill to offer to their clients, who will sign-up to the site and browse for job listings given in the website.

Onlinejobs.ph was created in the year 2009, and in just a few years, it has become the leading platform to find qualified virtual assistants in the Philippines. For the record, the site has over 250,000 resumes in its database, which is something to be applauded to – a vast talent pool where employers can pick the talent of their choice as much as they want without minding it will ran-out.

That includes, but not limited to: Virtual Assistant, Writers, Marketing Assistants, Graphic Designers, Web Developers, Software Developers, Photo and Video Editor, Advertisement Experts, Financial Assistants, Real Estate Agents, Legal staff and other professionals that suits to your need.


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The advantage of these platforms amongst all competing platforms is that it has a powerful filtering system. It’s a resume database of which you can customize the filter by date of listing, skills you require, level of mastery/level of skill, and desired salary.

The reason behind this selection is it indicates two possibilities: one, older resumes might have jobs already; second, they are not the great candidates, or shall we say their skills are not that honed enough to fit in the clients’ needs.

With the immense talent pool and excellent filtering capabilities comes a higher chance of finding the right employee that conforms to the client’s job requirements. But even in the most common scenario, in perspective on the employer, where the Filipino employee that you’ve already chosen might still lack of some skills that the work requires, the fact that they can communicate to the medium that you’ll both understand, the English Language.

This is already a great indicator that what you’ve hired has a good understanding, good comprehension, and has a high possibility of unleashing their potentials to greater heights. As an employer, you can efficiently train that Filipino employee to accomplish the task you have in mind, and you’ll be shocked one day that they will be doing it alone even with your less supervision. Mr. John once said, “If they understand and write English well, that usually means they think well.”

Although there was a time when the website was branded as a racist site since this website only caters exclusively to Filipino employees. But Mr. Jonas and his team remained steadfast to their goal, and that is to create a bridge that connects Foreign employers to Filipino employees who want to get a job done at the same time to work in a safe, stable, and friendly environment.

There is a downside of filtering their target market only to Filipinos. The website was branded as racist because of that. But, OnlineJobs.ph remained steadfast to their goal, and that is to create a bridge that connects employers who want to get a job done from job seekers who also wants to work in a safe, stable and friendly environment.

Based on the reviews of the employers who had successfully made their companies and business grow tremendously, Onlinejobs.ph is the place to go for Filipino Workforce.


Onlinejobs.ph works as a mediator between the employer who seeks employees to can get the job done, and an employee who looks for a job. The site serves as a place where the employer can post a job, with a given description, and let the Filipino applicants apply for that job posting if they are capable of accomplishing it.

Barely a typical process of application, just like the corporate world, but the only difference is that it is done online with all the perks of working at home. This site is geared toward finding a virtual staff or team member that can work either part-time or full-time with the employer’s specific job.

You will find this site consist of an incredible variety of skills, where a worker can have multiple skillsets, which is a plus since they can work on different tasks.

For Filipino Employees:

  • You must first visit the site and sign up.
  • Fill-out the necessary information and other requirements to thoroughly verify your account.
  • After your account has been approved and verified, series of tests are taken to evaluate you as an individual professionally and in character: DISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Compliance) Test, IQ Test, and English Test.
  • You can furtherly fill in some necessary information on your new account, like adding a picture to your profile, essential input information, skill summary, skill rating, bank details, payment options, etc.
  • With all the requirements, you can now proceed to browse the job board listings and apply for your chosen job.

For Employers:

  • Create an account, a necessary fee for subscription is required to proceed. Although there is a free trial, but it has a limitation. This will be furtherly discussed below.
  • Post your job with all the details: company background, position you are hiring, skills required, tools or software used, expected hours, and job description. Indicate if you are hiring employee part-time or full-time, benefits, and salary.
  • After you post the job, filter the applicants. One common idea to quickly filter the applications is by including a little twist in your job post. e.g., You must put a “hardworking employee” in the subject line of your email to be considered in the position. This partially tests the applicants if they can follow instructions. Another filter you may apply is through background checking, level of ID Proof, years of experience, or any measures depending on your parameters.
  • Interview the most promising applicant that had pass-through series of filters. Interview and know about their background, experience, availability, skill, and most importantly, you must agree with the salary and working hours.
  • After all these, it is settled. The next is to make your hire.
  • Start the work.

However, it is essential to take into consideration that in this online platform, the normal cycle of the hiring process doesn’t always have a smooth transaction because of the presence of online scammers. The system and intention of the founder of the Onlinejobs.ph website may be genuine.

Still, inevitably there will always be people who look only on their self-interest and so disrupt the excellent reputation. This is mainly talking on both parties: employer and employee.

But insofar, with excellent communication and immediate response to these concerns, this website had stand firm through the years and thrived even in the most adverse situations, which makes it a legit and leading online job platform in the internet world.


Onlinejobs.ph makes its money through a subscription-based pricing model. The employers subscribe to the website and pick a subscription-based on their needs. This website has a three-subscription category: Free, Pro, and Premium. Of course, each subscription category has its indicated fee to pay and action limitation to work with.

  1. 1. For Free subscription, as the name states, it has no cost to pay, but the works limited only to three job posts, and the approval time for each job post is two days. You can use the website feature timeproof and bookmark workers, but you are not allowed to hire workers.
  2. 2. For Pro subscription, has a fee of 69 dollars per month. You can post up to 3 job postings in an instant, without waiting for the admin to approve it. After you post the job, you are allowed to contact up to 75 workers only in a month. In this subscription package also, you are allowed to view job applications, read workers reviews, hire workers, use timeproof, and bookmark workers.
  3. 3. For Premium subscription, has a fee of 99 dollars per month. You can post up to 10 postings in an instant, without waiting for the admin to approve it. After you post the job, you are allowed to contact up to 500 workers only in a month. In this subscription permitted package, you are allowed to view job applications, background data checks, use worker coaching service (up to 10 users), utilize video guide to outsourcing, read workers reviews, hire workers, use timeproof, and bookmark workers.


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  • ID Proof – is a number (1-100 rating) that is displayed in the profile of an applicant that indicates the reliability and trust of the administrator to this person based on the completeness of the information and the requirements complied to prove his/her identity. This also is a guiding parameter that helps employers to determine that a specific application is real and not a fake persona that responded to their job posting. It is imperative since this is an online transaction, and the identity must be verified if they are real and existing.

Low ID Proof score means you provide incomplete information and produced a small amount of accurate information. Thus, having a low score limits your application on the jobs available on the website and limits your chances to land a job.

On the other hand, the High ID Proof score proves that you are a real person, which means you are more eligible to apply for more jobs and more chances to land a good job. Having a higher ID Proof score means few competitors for a specific job since there is a job posting that exclusive only for only applicants who have this particular score and above (e.g., Job posting with an indicated 70 ID Proof score that can apply).

Although this ID Proof doesn’t necessarily mean that you are less skilled and less capable compared to others, but this gauge how you take seriously the process of filling out your information or establishing your reputation online in sincerity and integrity without any sugar coating.

To increase your ID Proof score, you should complete your profile and comply with the requirements, like filling out the skills summary. Upload a government ID or Verified ID, attach your Facebook link profile, upload a photo with you and your ID, validate cellphone number, attached proof of billing, etc.

  • TIME PROOF – this is a software included in the site for the employers to track the working hours of remote employees. It’s free to use, and it is designed for the protection and verification of both employees and employers. This software works to record the hours of work or the timesheets and screenshots of virtual employees (monitoring if they are working on your job on the agreed time frame.)
  • RATING – an applicant can be rated and be given feedback from their previous employers, which serves as a guide for every employer for picking the right virtual employees to add to their team. Onlinejobs.ph focuses on creating a system to tighten a long-term employer-employee relationship.
  • DONE FOR YOU RECRUITING SYSTEM– Sometimes employers have a hectic schedule and to allow time for hiring an employee that will help them to do their works would be an additional burden, Onlinejobs.ph has a solution for that. Because honestly, the hiring process is a lengthy and tiring one if you would look into the specific qualities and skills you need. The company is offering employers the Done For You recruiting service, in which you allow OnlineJobs to source, screen, and find the best-fit candidate for your work at a fee of 500 dollars. The employers will just fill-out the virtual staff request form, after you have paid the recruitment fee, and voila! You can instantly start working with your new virtual employee as soon as the company finishes the process.


Recommendation for US employers



After you already hired your choice virtual assistant, OnlineJobs is out of the picture. You’ll work with them–and pay them–directly, with no middlemen or markups on their salary. It’s also not necessary to maintain the subscription in the site once you hired the employee, you can immediately cancel the subscription on the indicated cancel subscription link in the website.

But in Onlinejobs.ph, even you already canceled the subscription. You can still use the essential features in the site, such as Easypay (payment options to an employee) and Timeproof (Software to monitor employee).

Essential to take note that Filipinos do get a bonus once a year of one month pay, or what we call 13th Month Pay. This bonus is typically given during Decembers, but it does not directly mean it’s Christmas Bonus.

To get the 13th Month Pay, you just calculate the months they’ve worked for you and divide it by 12 (since there are 12 months in a year). The result of that will be multiplied by the monthly salary, and that’s the 13th-month pay.


There’s no tax for this employment since this employment falls under an overseas sub-contractor, meaning the employer doesn’t report their wages, don’t pay insurance, and withholding taxes are not applicable for this kind. In short, no charges involved.


Onlinejobs.ph is different from other online job platforms such as (Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, etc.) since the company: do not cut workers’ salaries, do not markup workers’ wages, don’t get in between the communication between employers and employees.

It doesn’t force the employer to pay its employees through the company, and this company encourages long-term permanent work. Businesses grow and succeed better if the employees stay in their employer’s long time.

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Due to the excellent service of OnlineJobs.ph that it continually gives to its clients, makes the website a top-leading and reliable site to go to when finding virtual employees. They could work on every employer worldwide. It makes this site to be easily referred to your friends, colleagues, and business partners to work with.

Concerning affiliation, the company is giving an incentive for people who can refer this site to other people. An incentive of up to 40% of the revenue received by the company upon subscription of the client will be given to you monthly if the client keeps on renewing their subscription regularly via PayPal.

You can copy the link that is inside in your account to social media platforms or any sites that you can gather traffic, such as Facebook, Email, Google AdWords, Blog Sites, Own Websites, Twitter, etc.

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