What is RecurPost?

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The world trend has gone digital.

Did you recognize that 90 percent of all marketers say social media selling has inflated their business exposure? Marketers, that pay a minimum of 6 hours on social per week have seen additional leads?

With the appearance of social media, ancient selling strategies do not appear enough to sustain a business. Social property has become the key to selling and building the brand’s image for the consumers.

Analytics and alternative mensuration tools will modify entrepreneurs to search out; however, they will benefit from social media as a selling tool and conjointly a way to use knowledge to optimize their social selling campaigns.

Through this review, we’ll tackle useful tools that will offer you ease in running your social media accounts to realize optimum productivity, whereas increasing it slows on some necessary agendas.

What is RecurPost?

It is a productivity sweetening tool that will manage all of your social media accounts from one dashboard. RecurPost helps to uplift your social media presence by supporting content gathering, multiple accounts, and custom planning.

With this tool, you’re able to utilize your best content and updates on social media. The software package helps you keep existing customers, attract ideal prospects, and shut additional sales. It’s primarily a social media post scheduler that permits you to recycle your best content and updates on your social media accounts, allowing you to share them endlessly at an ideal frequency.

Whether for private or industrial use, this software package permits you to feed your audience with content perpetually. They will relate to keeping them aware and engaged together and providing your business with the visibility it needs to become and stay important.

RecurPost tools

RecurPost Features:

Like any alternative social media post scheduler, it’s a novel feature that stands out amongst the opposite. RecurPost has options too. These are Advanced Editorial Calendar, good quality Technology, Boost Engagement planning Technology, Advanced Analytics news, Video updates, and import updates from alternative tools.

These options are essential in running social media platforms within which RecurPost is applicable, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business, and shortly on Pinterest.

The reason why we want a social media scheduler is that we wish to be free from the activities that a software package will do through automation. RecurPost handles the common issues you’ve got in running your social media accounts.

Maximize Time – Effective social media management takes two hours daily. With RecurPost, you are taking care of it by disbursal but 2 hours once. You wish not bit it once more once set it up once.

AI-based Share Time Optimisation – RecurPost can mechanically notice the most effective time to share Associate in Nursing update supported once your audience is presumably to retort.

Acceptable Hashtags Suggestion – Users ought to keep track of the popular hashtags for his or her posts. With RecurPost, you only ought to input your hashtags for your libraries once, and you can be notified once there’s a break to incorporate a hashtag, which will increase your reach.

RecurPost more features

How will it work?

RecurPost’s primary goal is to assist businesses and entrepreneurs to reach their peak levels of productivity. For users, United Nations agencies don’t have the time to manage their social networks; however, they are adamant regarding selling their service/product. It’s vital if they need to stay their social presence up to now.

Getting started with RecurPost may be a cinch. All you wish to try to do is connect your social accounts to RecurPost and make posts that you simply want to travel to survive your accounts. After that, schedule your posts for the time of your alternative or allow us to notice the most effective time for you.

That’s it! It’s extremely straightforward. We’ll certify to stay your social presence consistent, which you increase your overall engagement.

Adding your social accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Google My Business is the commencement towards RecurPost. You’ll add or take away accounts on the social accounts page of RecurPost. The number of accounts that you simply may add and manage depends upon the arrangement you decide on.

RecurPost Plans and Fees

There is no price for a symptom up to RecurPost; however, a user must choose a concept in step with his want. RecurPost plans are based mostly round the plan of attempting to assist little businesses to vie and grow while not having to forget regarding affordability.

It offers a spread of cost-efficient plans; thus, you’ll simply compare them and subscribe to the one that suits you the most effective. This arrangement starts at free and solely prices cash if you wish to maneuver to the next arrange as a result of you see excellent results from it.

The free arrange it is sort of a good starter for people that don’t perceive; however, RecurPost works and wish to induce a feel of our service before they decide on a paid arrange. We suggest you check it out first.

These are the four plans that RecurPost offers to its shoppers.

Free Plan – There is no monthly fee that you’ll be paying for this plan. This is for you if you want to try out the software and the features that it has. This plan gives you the following benefits: 3 social accounts, 100 recurring updates, ten daily posts per social account, ten one-off posts per account, unlimited content libraries, advanced editorial calendar, future post preview, best time schedules, and advanced analytics reporting.

Small Plan – This plan has a $15 monthly fee. If you are a small-time businessman in the industry, then this suits you. This plan gives you the following benefits: 3 social accounts, 100 recurring updates, ten daily posts per social account, ten one-off posts per account, 2 RSS Feed, video updates, import updates from other tools, unlimited content libraries, advanced editorial calendar, future post preview, best time schedules, advance, and analytics reporting.

Medium Plan – This plan has a $25 monthly fee. If you are in the middle or medium enterprise, then this plan fits for you. This plan gives you the following benefits: 10 social accounts, 1000 recurring updates, 20 daily posts per social account, 20 one-off posts per account, 10 RSS Feed, one team member, post-approval, video update, unlimited content libraries, advanced editorial calendar, future post preview, best time schedules, advance analytics, and reporting.

Large Plan – This plan has a $50 monthly fee. If you are a large enterprise, you may consider this plan for your business. This plan gives you the following benefits: 20 social accounts, unlimited recurring updates, 40 daily posts per social account, 40 one-off posts per account, 20 RSS Feed, two team members, post-approval, video update, import updates from other tools, unlimited tweet variation, white-label reports, limitless content libraries, advanced editorial calendar, future post preview, best time schedules, and advanced analytics reporting.

RecurPost price

It is crucial to take into consideration that RecurPost offers a free two months subscription if you avail the plan for one year.

We have set down the advantages you’ll get if ever you’ll buy the set up that suits your business wants. Allow us to expound the terms used mentioned on top of within the different plans to realize a good understanding of what it means that.

Social Accounts – means that the number of accounts you’ll be able to add any of your social accounts supported by RecurPost. As an example, if you add your personal Facebook page, Twitter profile, and LinkedIn profile, that’s thought of as three accounts.

The free set up permits you to feature one profile of every kind; you can not add two accounts of a constant kind. As an example, 2 Twitter profiles or 3 Facebook pages, etc. The paid plans, however, help you to add a variety of various social accounts despite their sort.

The social media platform that RecurPost is applicable is on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Google My Business.

Revenant Updates – means that the number of updates that are repeatedly circling in your libraries. You absolve to decide what amount of them you wish to share on your social accounts daily. The quantity of revenant updates in your set up doesn’t outline what number you’ll be able to share in an exceedingly day.

Daily Posts Per Social Account – this suggests the number of revenant updates you’ll be able to post on every account. As an example, RecurPost free set up permits you to post from your Blogs library to your Twitter account ten times daily. You’ll be able to post ten times on your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles conjointly.

RSS Feed – are the contents you employ to urge recently printed material from an internet site. As an example, you’ll be able to add CNN International RSS Feed to RecurPost for world news, and we’ll store everything they post. You’ll be able to approve then the post/article you wish to share along with your audience or edit it to feature a replacement title.

Team Members – means that the quantity of a team member or virtual assistant you’ll be able to invite to assist you in managing your social accounts. You’ll be able to handle the accounts and libraries your team members can have access to.

RecurPost features

Post Approval – means that you’ve got all the management that will be announced on your social media accounts. As an example, you’ve got a virtual assistant World Health Organization creates content for you; this content is sent to you for your approval. You’ll be able to either approve it or leave a comment for them to repair it.

Video Updates – this code permits you to transfer your video files and post them on totally different social profiles. They’ll be announcing as if you announce thereon account manually.

Import Updates from alternative tools – RecurPost businessperson permits you to import content that you simply had shared earlier. You’ll be able even to value more highly to import solely the content that was shared victimization another tool. This manner, no tool will lock your content and keep you from accessing it.

Unlimited Tweet Variations – the recently obligatory Twitter policy, it’s a violation of Twitter’s rules to send constant Tweet multiple times on regular account or multiple accounts. RecurPost builds it fast and straightforward for you to share your update. We tend to enable you to rewrite your message, whereas your link or media stays constant. We tend to decision these rewrites a variation.

Unlimited Content Libraries – RecurPost permits you to reason your social updates into totally different libraries, like weblog Posts, Funny Quotes, My Promotions, etc. You’ll be able to set a schedule for a library then, and your content can leave as per your schedule.

Advanced Editorial Calendar – this calendar shows you everything regular to travel out on your social media accounts. Hence, creating you full management of your calendar. You’ll be able to build an unpunctual amendment to update, amendment its time, or perhaps take away it from your calendar. Something you modify on your schedule won’t affect your original content in your library.

Future Posts Preview – it’s like your own personal calendar. It shows you all the posts, together with all the happening posts, that are regular for successive two months at their proper time. This permits you to examine all of your daily posts beforehand. Thus, you’ll be able to take care of what’s going bent on your accounts and once are announce.

Best Time Schedules – RecurPost has the most effective time feature wherever you’ll be able to simply post your content at the most effective time and unlock some serious potential engagement from your audience.

Advanced Analytics reportage – this feature is wherever you get to grasp your audience and what appeals to them. This helps you retain track of what’s trending among your audience and what isn’t. This permits you to urge a plan of what is going to build additional sales; thus, you’ll be able to create changes consequently.

Why to opt-in for RecurPost?

RecurPost is targeted round the plan of empowering little businesses and entrepreneurs and providing them with the services that they otherwise won’t be ready to afford. We tend to conjointly supply higher plans that are created particularly for business house owners. World Health Organization don’t have abundant time-in-hand.

RecurPost transforms your best content and updates on social media into powerful promoting tools, serving to you retain your customers engaged, whereas attracting prospective shoppers by feeding them relevant, evergreen posts and updates on an identical and ideal frequency.

Organizing and categorizing your content could be a breeze due to its Content Library practicality. You’ll be able to place your content underneath specific classes, like “Promotions,” “Favorite Quotes,” and “Popular Posts” to call some. You’ve got complete management over your library.

And even once you delete content that you simply now not would like, it doesn’t affect your planning. As a result of you can pull over once your content is recycled, you’ll be ready to re-post your fashionable updates and alternative content at the foremost opportune time.

The most effective half is that RecurPost recycles your posts and content mechanically supported your pre-defined time slots. No ought to worry concerning forgetting your schedule as RecurPost doesn’t.

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How to be an Affiliate?

It is simple to share with friends if you’re happy with the services it offers. Except for the satisfaction RecurPost offers, it offers you to realize further financial gain. You’ll get a continual two-hundredth commission by promoting RecurPost to your friends and business partners.

You have got to allow them to check-in for the $50/month arrange, and this offers you a $10 per month as a referral fee as long as the one you have got referred continues to subscribe on the big arrange monthly.

You can promote to your email lists, via links on your web site, through your social platforms, sharing via on-line forums, or advertising on websites. However, you wish to check-in 1st on the web site and that they can offer you affiliate code that you’ll send to your partners and associates.

If you have got with success referred to a partner or friend or associates, you’ll receive the in-agreement payment. You’ll savvy through PayPal, Wire Transfer, and alternative online cash transfer.


In a shell, RecurPost is a productivity improvement tool appropriate for your daily works on social media promoting. It covers a considerable space of tools that offers you a large variety of tasks, which reinforces your effectiveness as a web seller. If you’d attempt a tested and established social media platform, you may think about RecurPost on your list.

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