What is the Ecom Success Academy?

eCom Success Academy

The online Business precisely described as the eCommerce is the future of the present business trends. In a few years, we will experience that every single deal, trade, etc. will be done on the internet. As each day passes, more advanced technologies are introduced, and thousands of people are shifting their businesses online.

Not only this, if a particular person wants to start a new business, the online business is his priority.

There a lot of benefits of doing online business, i.e., you can control it from a single or even sitting in your home, less investment, ease, and much more. But other than this, some proper strategies and steps must be taken to make your business successful. As described, thousands of people are joining the business each day, making the competition quite tough.

Dropshipping is one of the best online businesses and is somehow similar to affiliate marketing. The best thing about both of them is that you can start with 0% or negligible investment. Most of the individuals who want to start their business don’t have many investments. So, they end up giving their dreams.

eCom Success Academy is a digital drop shipping course developed by the famous online businessman Adrian Morrison. The course is very famous among the people and teaches us about all the main dropshipping aspects. Besides, it was the very first course that was approved by the Shopify. By taking the course, you will have a better insight into how we can initiate drop shipping on different platforms.

eCom Success Academy course overview

The reason behind the failure of most of the people is that they start their business or even degrees without knowing their future or potential, hence wasting their time and money. As Adrian Morrison is an experienced businessman, the tips and strategies told by him will surely be useful.

What is the Ecom Success Academy?

The course is divided into eight different modules. Let’s start with the first one.


Whenever we consider starting our dropshipping business, the first word that comes in our mind id the Shopify. Although there are some other good online stores similar to it, Shopify has a good reputation, countless users, and is one of the oldest. The section totals 48 video that covers every single aspect, from setting up your store to setting products and starts selling. Everything is included in this module.

Sourcing Products:

In this section, Adrian teaches related to a part of the right products. Sound simple, isn’t it? But believe me, this is one of the crucial steps, and selecting the product is easy, but choosing the right product is a bit difficult. We have to consider a lot of things like its future, popularity, demand, price, etc. in our mind. And if you do choose the right product, almost 60% of your work is done. So, all of these issues are explained well in this module, and you will have a better understanding of which product to choose.


In my view, Facebook is one of the best marketing platforms nowadays. With millions of users from all over the world, your campaign could reach countless people in a short matter of time. Today, all the major companies and brands have their pages on Facebook. Also, if someone starts his new business today, creating the Facebook page.

This module covers all the strategies that could be useful in Facebook marketing. If you learn or adopt them correctly, Facebook marketing can be used for the purposes other than drop shipping as well. Moreover, you may know that the ad campaigns on Facebook are paid, so ensure that your money may not go wasted.

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Email Marketing:

This section has very few videos, i.e., 8 hours and doesn’t explain much. Also, email marketing is not very complicated, but if done correctly, it can be very beneficial in getting leads. Adrian focuses on teaching what email autoresponder app is how it works. This autoresponder app I useful and can build a healthy relationship with your customers. In addition to this, Adrian also explains which templates and format you should use for sending the mails.

Building Your Team:

As your business will grow, you will need a supporting team to take care of different situations. Large businesses are relatively complex and can’t be handled by a single person. These team persons, commonly known as Virtual Assistants, can be your colleagues, friends, or even siblings if they do have some skills. Otherwise, these are thousands of people on freelancer, Upwork, etc. which you can hire instantly with cheap rates.

They could look after your store, research data, reply to emails and messages, design some graphics, or anything you want. So, this module is all about hiring a specialized team and will give you insights on which type of people to choose.

These were some of the modules offered in the eCom Success Academy course. Let’s have a look at the pricing. The cost of the course is whopping 2,495$, which is a large amount. This is the thing about which most of the people are disappointed.

I don’t know exactly about the people with running businesses, but the newbies or entrepreneurs have very little money to invest. You can also pay monthly, i.e., 997$ for three months. But it is still a big deal.

eCommerce Success Academy is an excellent course if we look at it overall. The teaching style of Adrian is excellent and easy to get. Also, Adrian conducts webinars on weekly basics where he further clarifies the confusion of the people and gives more information regarding the course.

The only setback regarding the course is the price, and I wish if it was less, it might have helped many people. But if you can afford it, just go for it – it is worthy!

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