What is the K Money Mastery about?

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In the last decade, we have witnessed a crucial change all over the world in terms of technology. Every system, either it is related to military, aviation, healthcare, or education, all of them have shifted to the online systems. The same is the case for the business trends, the way we did trade has changed, and everything is online today.

Earlier, if we wished to start a new business, we could have started our store in the local market, buying or selling cars, import/export, etc. But today, opening our online store, or selling our products in Amazon is our priority for the business.

Amazon is one of the best places where we can start our online business today. It is a global network today with millions of buyers and sellers. No matter what product you want to sell, the global outreach of Amazon will surely help you out. Many of you have heard about Amazon Kindle, haven’t you?

Well if not, it is a further subsidiary of Amazon which allow you to read or download books, magazines, newspaper, and other digital media. Experts believe that selling your e-books on this platform will give you more profit than even selling products. Are you thinking how?

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Well, to start anything, either it is a business, job, or even a degree, you must have some previous knowledge or experience about it. Most of the people start certain things without knowing their future, pros, and cons, potential, etc. and end up failing badly. To learn about today’s technologies, you don’t have to join any institution or academy, but everything is available online.

What is the K Money Mastery about?

K Money Mastery is a digital course that gives you all the necessary information, training, and strategies on how you can start your Amazon Kindle Business and get successful. Created by the famous and experienced Stefan Pylarinos, the course is a masterpiece and is quite different and unique from the other classes.

It won’t end up wasting your time, money, and you will surely learn something from it. The course is divided into 21 different modules, in addition to some introduction and Bonus content.


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What is the K Money Mastery about?

Let’s discuss some of its main modules:

Keyword Research:

This is one of the crucial strategies applied not online in Amazon Kindle, but all the other platforms where you want to get traffic. By using some unique keywords that are trending, the traffic will automatically grow on your page or website. Simple, isn’t it? Yes, it sounds simple, but we need specific tools and tricks to get some proper keywords.

This module contains all the necessary information that you will need efficiently use the proper keywords.

eBook content creation:

Content creation is the main problem that is faced by most of the publishers. The majority of the people don’t have excellent writing skills or don’t know how to write the content for the whole book. This problem could be solved by hiring a writer locally or from an online platform. There are thousands of professional writers available on freelancer and Upwork. Whenever I open freelancer, I continuously see the projects coming labeled as “eBook writers needed.”

The main issue is, which type of writer to hire and how to cover fees, etc. So, this module includes lessons all about dealing with writers, engaging them, etc. Afterward, you will have a better idea on how you can hire them.


After you have completed and uploaded the book for selling, your marketing skills will determine how many sales you will make or how many customers you will attract. So, excellent marketing skills are needed. I have seen many people who did complete their book, uploaded it but failed to make some sales.

This module is all about improving your marketing skills and taking the number of sold books to the maximum.

Marketing on Facebook & Twitter:

I have also described in another article that social media, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are one of the best marketing platforms. As the digital world is revolutionizing, the priority of the people who want to advertise is social media. Believe me. It boosts your sales even more than Television or billboards. All the major companies have their pages on these social media platforms. Initially, you may have pay for your advertisement, but once you have gained some followers or trusted customers, then you don’t need to advertise anymore. All you have to do is to post, which will be free.

Some strategies and tricks are needed to promote your product on these. So, this module covers all the necessary information regarding making sales on these platforms.

So, there were some of the main modules of this course, and you may have a general idea about what this course offers. Let’s talk about its price. To have access to this course, you will have to pay less than $100 one time for a lifetime membership.

This is quite a good deal, as the price is meager as compared to the fantastic content and training provided. I have also seen some other similar courses that were worth thousands of dollars. So, less than $100 and getting lifetime access is not a big deal.


  • User-friendly.
  • Easy to understand the content.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Additional Bonus content.
  • Excellent support.
  • Thirty days money-back guarantee.
  • Study anytime, from anywhere.


  • Some old strategies used.
  • Additional charges for some courses.

Although the content and the lessons in the course are 1-2 years old, they are still valid. The purpose of the course is to make your foundation. You can change your strategies according to the modern trends yourself if you have a good grasp. This also answered to the folks who are confused that either K Money Mastery works in 2020 and beyond.

Overall, this is an excellent course at a reasonable price. The creator has put a lot of effort and time into making this course and is worth it. I would recommend that if you want to start your own business, Amazon Kindle is one of the best ideas.

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