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What is the Neil Patel Ubersuggest?

The definitive guide to UberSuggest for SEO and content marketing

Suppose you have even an itsy-bitsy insight into the entrepreneurial world, no way that you are not aware of the name of Neil Patel. He is a world-recognized digital genius who is running several successful ventures.

Neil did and is still doing a massive amount of work in inbound marketing, search engine optimization, and PPC. This review is about one of the brilliant free keyword tool – UberSuggest by Neil Patel. But before that, if you don’t know about Neil, here is the small amount of information about him and his successful career.

Neil Patel: A success story!

Age of 31 and net worth of 7-10 million USD. He is above average success for any self-made person. But achieving this success didn’t happen overnight. There is more than a decade’s hard work and efforts behind this.

Neil Patel, born in London and raised in California, is a well-renowned digital marketing entrepreneur. He is the founder of several successful ventures i.e., Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, UberSuggest, KISSmetrics, and Quicksprout.

Neil Patel Ubersuggest

Not only this, but he is also the part of many giants as their digital marketing consultant to help them to grow their revenues. Few of those are Amazon, NBC, GM, HP, and Viacom.

Starting the first website at the 16, Neil didn’t know that one day he is going to be recognized by President Obama. Ex-president acknowledges him as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 30.

With a successful entrepreneur, he is also a renowned writer. He is one of the New York Times bestselling authors. Neil’s most prominent writing is an inspirational career guide named Hustle: The Power to Charge Your Life with Money, Meaning, and Momentum. Published in 2016, yet it is trendy to date.

Bestseller writer

In 2016, Hustle was the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, and IndieBound bestsellers. Big names such as Fortune magazine write blogs about the hustle and recommended every entrepreneur to read it. Besides this, Neil writes a blog on his website daily.

Achievements, passion, and hard work of Neil Patel are also recognized at the forums like Wall Street Journal and Forbes. WSJ acknowledges him as the top influencer on the Web. Entrepreneur magazine concedes his company as one of the hundred most brilliant companies.

Forbes published a list of 10 top marketers, and he is one of those.

With all this, Neil dedicates to teaching people SEO and online marketing. He directly answers queries of people on his website. On this website, he also hosts a daily podcast with Eric Siu. Both experts various aspects of digital marketing topics and teach listeners all about it.

With this, his blogs are published daily with actionable and natural content.

All this is just a summary of Neil Patel’s 31-year-old life. If you are looking for an actual source of motivation and inspiration in your life, search more about his life. We also highly recommend reading his book.

Here you can watch Neil Patel talking about how to rank 1st in google by using seven free tools:

Neil Patel’s UberSuggest

Keyword research is not only hard, but it is also time and money consuming. Purchasing good quality and a useful keyword research tool consumes the high SEO cost. Not to forget – a good quality and valuable tool!

Among the vast amount of research tools available in the market, finding an effective one is another painful step before you start getting results. A lot of mess? Right?! All this is a mess until you get to know Neil Patel’s UberSuggest.

UberSuggest is a FREE keyword research tool. Besides this, it performs some other functions such as blackline analysis, domain overview, and traffic estimation. UberSuggest is easy to navigate, and keywords generated by it are pretty compelling. We will give you an insight into its features, usage, and effectivity one by one.

Top SEO pages

Key features of UberSuggest

Neil Patel’s UberSuggest is a keyword research tool, but it can do a lot more than that. It could be accurate, but things changed when Neil acquired it in 2017. It can perform almost all of the functions of SEO now.

An all in one solution. Using UberSuggest, you can do a popularity overview of your content, get content ideas, do SERP overview, and analyze the traffic. Also, you get domain overview, get reports in the form of charts i.e., traffic trends chart, do a health check of website, find similar pages with the same keywords, and a lot more than that.

In short, once you get your hands on it, you won’t need any other SEO tool again. But the core feature of the UberSuggest is Keywords, so I’ll discuss it in more detail than all other elements.

Not only finding appropriate keywords, but there are multiple other things related to keywords UberSuggest can do:

Keywords suggestions

In the keyword section, there are hundreds of workable suggestions waiting for you. And not only you get keywords, but there are several contemporary details of each keyword is provided. These details include the volume of a keyword, its usage, and trends, competition, et cetera.

And it does not end here. All keywords suggestions are those who are successfully working for your competitors and adding into the volume of their business. These words rely on people’s search data on Google. So whatever suggestions you are getting from UberSuggest is based upon real-time data.

UberSuggest keywords ideas

Long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are more specific than the usual ones, and their conversion ratio is pretty higher than usual one-worded keywords. Neil’s UberSuggest keywords are usually long-tail keywords. They are effective keyword phrases based upon actual search data of consumers from search engines.

You just need to type the term, and UberSuggest instantly generates hundreds of long-tail keywords you just typed. For example, only type single word shoes and hundreds of phrases will immediately appear on your screen, which people are searching actively.

Contemporary data of each keyword

With keywords, the data is provided for every suggestion. For example, you searched “coffee” and got a keyword “coffee cake recipe” from UberSuggest. Upon expanding this suggestion, you will get a monthly search volume of this keyword, usage by competitors, SEO competition, average CPC, PPC competition, et cetera.

Single keyword overview

You can get every related data of a keyword with this feature. It is just like putting your single keyword under a microscope. Just type it in the search bar of UberSuggest and get a complete overview report of that word. Seriously, there is no reason not to appreciate Neil Patel and his team’s efforts.

SEO keywords volume in UberSuggest

Generating new keywords

Prior information is all about existing keywords. But Neil Patel and his team made sure that generating a new one using UberSuggest is not any less valid than finding pre-existing keywords.

When you are looking for a keyword, UberSuggest shows you pre-existing ones from its data record. But these suggestions aren’t convenient for new and unique ideas. But this problem also comes with a solution. You can generate different types of customized keywords using UberSuggest. These types are

  • Preposition keywords: these keywords contain preposition and are more effective and descriptive than single worded keywords. At, for, in, off, on, over, and under are some prepositions that appear in these keywords. With UberSuggest preposition keywords generation, two related concepts combine effectively. For example, for the keyword of skin moisturizer, the preposition keyword generated by UberSuggest is Skin moisturizer for acne-prone skin.
  • Related keywords: these consist of words that are related to seed keywords, but results have variations. Sometimes these keywords do not have seed words instead of synonyms, and related terms are used. For example, for coconut oil, associated keywords showed by UberSuggest are recipes with coconut oil, coconut oil for skin, health benefits of coconut oil, extra-virgin coconut oil usage, and many more. We found this feature better performer than related keywords suggestions in paid keywords research tools.
  • Comparison keywords: comparison searches are prevalent among people on the internet. It makes comparison keywords very important. These keywords are with words vs. and or. Successful marketers do not usually use these to know their importance. If a potential consumer is comparing two products means he is seriously thinking about buying that product. UberSuggest will make it easy for you to generate your desired comparison keywords and help you to grab the opportunities in your industry.
  • Question keywords: not including question keywords in your SEO is straightaway foolishness as per market trends. These keywords are long-tail keywords and are very popular on search engines. For example, the question keyword generated by UberSuggest for the Pond’s is ‘are pond’s products good?’

Organic keywords

Organic keywords are those who attract free traffic through SEO. Neil Patel provided so much free of cost, yet he included natural keyword generation is UberSuggest. Organic keywords generation takes a considerable chunk of your total budget.

Thanks to UberSuggest, now you can get these for free. There are many keywords this site ranks for in google. Ranking only specific keywords means an increase in the traffic for those keywords on Google. And another plus point of UberSuggest: it manages to rank these organic keywords on the top page.

SEO keywords ranking table

Keywords ranking for search engine optimization

Just like organic keywords ranking, UberSuggest ranks your keywords on Google. Keywords ranking means your website ranking. With classification, results on specific ranks are also measured and changed from time to time to maximize their appearance in the traffic’s search results.

Site speed test with UberSuggest

Content ideas and the overview

An essential part of your SEO marketing is your content. When Neil Patel acquired UberSuggest, he used all of his expertise to make this section better. Just write the keyword in the search bar, and the number of content ideas will instantly appear on your screen.

Just like keywords suggestions, content ideas rely on real-time data from Google. Reviews from users about content from UberSuggest are incredibly positive, and it is valid. You can find content pieces about which people want to read. Content as per consumers’ desire, it is the best way to drive traffic.

All the content is not the suggestion from UberSuggest. You can customize these suggestions as per your needs. This customization can be including excluding keywords, finding content with a maximum, or a minimum number of Facebook shares.

Currently, content share based upon the number of shares is limited to Facebook only, but Neil’s team is working to spread it to other social media networks.

Many reviewers compared this feature with BuzzSumo. Honestly, there is no comparison between them. BuzzSumo and other content idea generator tools may have more features than UberSuggest, but those all tools cost money. No-one is providing this much for free like UberSuggest.

UberSuggest content ideas

SERP Analysis

SERP stands for the search engine research page. It is an essential part of keyword search as it helps you to evaluate either the keyword you want to use is relevant to your website or not. Not doing SERP analysis only wastes time and effort of the marketer.

To do the SERP analysis on UberSuggest, type in the keyword, and click the option of SEO Difficulty. UberSuggest will instantly analyze the word and generates its SERP report. This report contains:

  • Top 100 pages using that keyword
  • Social shares of that keyword
  • Its data links
  • Estimated traffic on search engines

Get to know your competitors

Using SERP analysis, with your traffic, you can also sneak peek your competitors’ traffic. Whatever domain name you type, UberSuggest generates a detailed report about that no matter it’s in your ownership or anyone else. Nothing fishy. Not only traffic details, but there are also some other things you can know about them. Some of these things are:

  • Domain score: check out what is the ability of your competitors’ domain to stand in the rankings of search engines. This score is ranged from 1 to 100. 1 is the best, and 100 is the lowest. More a domain score is near to 1, more chances of success it has. You can notice and apply strategies from domains with good scores.
  • Organic Traffic: Using SERP analysis, you can find how many visitors are visiting any website through google. This data is not that accurate about website visits as there are several other search engines, yet you can get an idea.
  • Traffic trends: these are charts about the increase and decrease patterns of traffic on a website. An increase or decrease in traffic is an excellent indicator to tell that SEO strategies are working or not. Traffic analysis of your rivals can say to you a lot about what to adapt and what to avoid.
  • Backlink data: how many backlinks are there in a domain

UberSuggest competitors

Domain Overview

Domain overview is the feature of finding all information about any domain name. Any domain name means ANY! Even if it is a domain of your competitor, with the tool of domain overview, you can get an insight into it. In this report, there are different aspects:

  • Paid keywords in the domain
  • Organic keywords
  • Traffic flow over some time (organic traffic number derived by organic keywords)
  • Backlines
  • Domain score
  • List of all keywords which the website of that domain is ranking
  • Top pages of that domain

Domain Overview

SEO Analysis

You can never improve your website until or unless you know that where exactly it is lacking. Keeping this in mind, Neil Patel made an SEO analyzer an essential tool of UberSuggest. Using this tool, you can get reports on how you can make your search engine ranking better.

This report also contains all the information that which elements of your SEO strategy are successful and which are not.

The health of the website should be your top priority. You cannot expect good results without this good health. Simple, and free of cost SEO analysis can help you maintain this good health.

Site Audit

Site Audit is part of the SEO Analyzer. It is like the complete SWOT analysis for your website. All strengths and weaknesses are highlighted for a website. With that, UberSuggest gives you suggestions to eliminate your gaps. Detailed reports for every aspect of a site. Critical components of these audit reports are:

  • How much organic traffic is visiting the website
  • Number of organic keywords
  • On-page SEO score by auditing one hundred pages sample from your website
  • Performance breakdown of the site during the audit
  • Weak points and errors in your website. A detailed report is generated about factors which are or which can potentially harm your SEO rankings.
  • Critical errors
  • Warnings. These are not errors but fixing those areas can enhance your performance
  • With errors, suggestions are also made to eliminate those mistakes.
  • Suggestions as per market trends to boost-up your rankings and traffic inflow
  • Priority SEO issues. UberSuggest Audit reports also arrange highlighted issues from most important to least important.
  • Speed of your site. It is based upon the rate in which pages on your website loaded during an audit. Low speed indicates some potential problems.

UberSuggest Site Audit

Backlink Data

For having a good ranking in the search engine algorithm, backlinks are crucial. These connect your website with other websites in the background. Using the backline wisely, it can be an excellent source of generating organic traffic. With UberSuggest, you can create effective backlines free.

With backline generation, you can also check backlines with a website. UberSuggest provides you the complete address of each backline and its provider. And it does not stop here. You also get the information about the referring domain.

To make sure you know how to use each tool to its best, Neil Patel keeps updating his blogs daily. You can find many blogs and podcasts about backline data. Especially how many backlinks you need to get on top, how you can use those to increase domain score.

Backlinks table

Search Volume Analyzer

Search volume analysis is part of keyword analysis. It gives all the details that for a particular keyword, what is the potential traffic and what volume of traffic is coming. Search volume is usually measured in months i.e., how many people went to the website for a specific keyword in one month.

With UberSuggest, keyword volume analysis is also added in its detailed report. What keyword’s search volume is trending for your domain in the last year (past 12 months for any given time) are also a part of this report.


This feature is new, and it wasn’t part of UberSuggest 1.0. Honestly, only the addition of the dashboard instantly doubled up features in UberSuggest 2.0. There are multiple shortcuts added on this dashboard, making it easier to use. Here are the highlights of key features you will find on the panel:

  • From the dashboard, you can instantly sign-up for the UberSuggest account.
  • Create several projects for different websites at the same time.
  • Track organic traffic using shortcut
  • Set-up rank tracking for your website
  • Monitor your background links and website performance
  • Get a report for ‘tracked Keywords’
  • Unlike 1.0 version, with 2.0 version dashboard now, you can track the performance and rankings of your website on your smartphone or desktop.
  • Instantly create the PDF version of reports for sharing.
  • Monitor changes in your search engine rankings and visibility

Neil Patel Ubersuggest Dashboard


All these explained features are only the essential functions. Neil Patel gifted you much more than that through UberSuggest. Honestly, there is not a single reason to not get your hands on it. And with the unstoppable nature of Neil, you can expect more features in the coming days.


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